Your prosperity is in your mouth

Crepe myrtle heart
Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr

Your mouth is
not for talking and eating only. The Bible shows us that your mouth is what
charts your course in life. You need to know that your future is in your mouth.
Your prosperity, your health, your success, victory, progress and promotion in
life are in your mouth. That’s on the positive. In the same way, on the
negative, the sickness, failure, poverty, disease, lack, frustrations and fear
that people experience in their lives are the result of what they say with
their mouth.

Nothing happens
in your life except that which you’ve voiced with your own mouth. So, whether
or not you’re going to have a glorious, prosperous, victorious and successful
future is dependent on what you say. The Bible says, “Death and life are in the
power of the tongue.” Everything that’s going to happen to you in your future
is going to be based on what you say with your mouth today.

Never talk
sickness; talk health all the time. You may be asking. “What about when I feel
the symptoms of sickness?” Yes! Symptoms are lying vanities according to the
Bible; they’re not real; only God’s Word is real and true concerning your
health. So, when you declare health instead of sickness, that’s what you’ll
have. In the same way, don’t talk poverty, talk wealth! All the money you need
in this world is in your mouth! Everything you’ll ever require to live in the
great life of glory that God has ordained for you is right in your mouth.

Therefore use
your mouth right! Speak the right words; never talk yourself down. Speak words
of prosperity, health, and life. That’s the language of the king. Every day,
when you wake up, declare who you are. You’re a success, a victor, a more than
conqueror. Learn to speak the right word – God’s Word about yourself every day.

Father, I thank You for
teaching me to order my tongue to speak the right things only. I realize the
power of my words therefore I choose to speak only that which is consistent
with Your Word and Will concerning my life in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!