Your appointed time is in God’s hands


“Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; & as thy days, so shall thy strength be”( Deuteronomy 33:25).

Praise The Great & Mighty God!


The end of the 21 days is come! One reality which many have not come to accept is the fact that good or bad events do not affect every believer at the same time (Eccl. 3:1). Each of us has his/her time. There is a time for difficulties and problems. There is a time our expectations appear delayed.

As we awaits the father’s blessings, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 says, light afflictions cannot be a permanent feature in our lives. They will also pass. Praise God! Are some brethren receiving major breakthroughs now? Rejoice with them. It is their season. Don’t envy them. Your’s will come in your season. Your season is God’s appointed time for divine remembrance. Do you know that in your season, your greatness could be far bigger than those you are tempted to envy?

David was in the mountain, watching over sheep. It never dawned on him that he could become the next king. After all, there was no king in his family. He never desired or prayed for it. But one day, when on a search for the next king, they came to fetch him from the mountains and anointed him (1 Samuel 16: 11-13).

His day had come. Saul went looking for his father’s missing asses one day-unknown to him, he was to be chosen as king on the same day(1 Samuel 9:1-3). Joseph was in prison for an offence he never committed. He was forgotten by Pharaoh’s servant, to whom he had ministered through his ability to interpret dreams. That servant was released. When his day came, without the assistance of anyone, God used the elements of time and chance to move him from prison to the throne (Genesis 41:9,37-41).

Your day will come. Your time to eat bread without scarceness will come. Your day of promotion will come. Soon you will carry your baby from your womb. That appointed day can meet you in Church, just as it happened to Zacharias (Luke 1:20). If he had become discouraged that he was getting old and wondered about the delay, in spite of his faithful service to God, he would’ve left God’s service and missed his day.

I pray, do not allow anything to discourage you. The blessing may be delayed, yet wait for it (Hab. 2:2-4). When the day comes, nobody and nothing can stop that blessing. Stay in God’s will. Continue to serve Him faithfully. Keep away from sin. Keep your faith alive. Your day will come sooner than you think. Thankfully receive the joy coming your way this season in Jesus Christ Amen. Shalom.