When your spirit is aglow with the power of God, you’ll be able to influence people around you

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To glow means to radiate light or heat or both. The Bible
tells us that there’s a spiritual glow about the children of God. That radiance
of divine energy is sparked off by the presence of the Holy Spirit and can be
seen on the believer. This means, you’re not empty for there’s power inside
you; you actually radiate some divine energy from within you into your world.

When your spirit is aglow with the power of God you’ll be
able to influence people around you for Jesus. However, one of the devil’s
strategies is to neutralize that radiance of the Spirit. He’ll stop at nothing
until he has dowsed your fire and stopped your influence in your environment. Since
he couldn’t stop you from coming to Christ, he’ll work to ensure you join the
“Silent Majority”. The “silent majority” are those who wouldn’t use the tools
God gave them to exercise control over their lives by the Word. As a result,
their lives are easily controlled by circumstances or situations.

“Never lag in zeal (and) in earnest endeavour, be aglow
(and) burning with the Spirit serving the Lord”. (Romans 12:11 AMP). In other
words, do not become languid and dull.  This
is the way some Christians are today. They’re uninterested in spiritual
activities. Such folks have no zeal; they are spiritless. Now, that doesn’t
mean they don’t have the Holy Spirit. Rather, it means they’re without
spiritual fervour. A child of God must not be that way.

Don’t ever become spiritually inert among people with whom
you live or work. It’s compulsory for every believer in Christ to be aglow in
the spirit. Regularly do a self – check or self – appraisal to determine the
level of your zeal for you can actually tell whether or not you’re aglow in the
spirit. “Don’t burn out; keep yourselves
fuelled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master
(Romans 12:11 MSG).
You must maintain your spiritual fervency and keep your spirit aglow at all


Dear Father, I stir
my spirit up as I pray in other tongues. I am energized and my spirit is aglow
with the anointing and your grace. Amen!