When God calls you

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When God calls you

If you think you’re not qualified to be used by God, start changing the way you think! When Elijah called Elisha he was ploughing. When Jesus called Peter, he was fishing. To follow God, Elisha had to leave farming and Peter had to leave fishing. Can you imagine a disciple’s wife saying, “How are we going to pay the bills?”Following God is like stepping out on tissue paper and discovering solid rock underneath. But you’ll never discover the rock unless you’re willing to step onto the tissue paper. When God asks you to walk away from a security base that’s been part of your life, you take your talents with you. Matthew, an accountant, took his pen and wrote the first book of the New Testament. When David went to Saul’s palace he took his harp, and went on to write psalms we still sing today. That’s why it’s important o know that it’s God who’s calling you, and to have it confirmed by trusted leadership. If you run before the starter fires the gun you’ll be disqualified from the race. When God calls you, keep these four things in mind:

  1. There’s a price to be paid. If you’re willing to pay it you can have God’s best
  2. There’s a path to be walked. Each step is a step of faith.
  3. There are principles to be observed. You’ve got to do God’s Will, God’s way, in order to be blessed.
  4. There’s a promise to sustain you…..Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9)

May Our God The Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!