Turnaround! In a twinkle of an eye, God can turn around your situation for good, you need to trust in Him.


Text: Mark 10:46-52
I can see everything,
Turning around
Turning around
Turning around for my good

Father we thank You for the precious gift of life and this day that You granted us the privilege partake of. Thank You Lord all the battles You have fought and won for us and our households. Please Lord, we pray for Your mercy over us, our families, church and Nigeria. We declare that today marks the beginning of the days of restoration and our entrance into the bountiful harvest of amazing opportunity and divine graces in Jesus name.

Brethren this morning we want to quickly draw out some keys from our text on how we trigger that desired turnaround in those areas/issues in our lives, families and our nation.

Assume Responsibility. Bartimaeus (let us discard “blind” from describing or naming him) in V47 took his destiny in his hands by shouting unto Jesus to have mercy on him. In this world, things happen to us that we can’t control, but we have been given the liberty to control and decide our response to those things. Bartmaeus didn’t go about blaming someone else for his woes or thinking anyone owed him something. Rather, he humbled himself and sought help and deliverance from Jesus. We must take charge and cry out regarding our situation to God and take the steps of faith.

Believe the situation can Change. Jesus in V51 had asked Bartimaeus what he wanted to be done for him. Bartimaeus believed that after this encounter with Jesus, he wasn’t going to walk away the same blind person and he demanded that “I want to see”. Brethren do we believe that we will receive those things that we are seeking for or are we going through motions of religion. The Word of God is clear about the lack of belief in; Hebrews 11:6, John 20:29, Numbers 14:11. Please we need to believe that God effect that turnaround we are seeking from him. He is more than able to do it for us and our nation. Father please have mercy and help our unbelief in Jesus name.

Clarify your need. Bartimaeus was clear and specific regarding what he needed, he did not beat about the bush. From Matthew 7:7 we readily know that specific prayers (ask-seek-knock) get specific answers. It appears that we often do the following; play communication games with ourselves through our rigid and predetermined prayer monologues, fail to tell Jesus what we need thinking he knows all as the all knowing God- true but He still wants You at ask. May the Lord help reveal what we truly need to us. Notice Bartimaeus’ cry, “have mercy on me”, though he was a beggar with need for food, shelter and clothing…he realized his most important need and requested for mercy. Perhaps our need is not money but the solution from God to a problem that impact several and yield more than we expect than money.

Decide to stop worrying. Brethren in our walk with God, we need to stop worrying about what people will say or the ideal circumstances to be engage Him, be blessed by or receive from Him. Notice how in V48 how the spectators around Bartimaeus rebuked him and told him to keep quiet, smart man that he was, he shouted the more. Are people telling you; to give up on your dreams, that God doesn’t care…..please ignore them and cry even louder. Don’t let your worrying deprive you of your blessings, did you know that Jesus didn’t visit Jericho again after that time. Let us stop waiting for the right time or opportunity to come….ACT NOW.

Exercise your faith. Brethren we need to do something bold, dramatic, unique and unusual to get that turnaround. In V50, he threw away his garment, jumped to his feet and came to Jesus. Some of us might need to shed those things such as our status, profile, connections that we are anchoring our confidence upon, surrender and come to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Indeed some of these false anchors are weights that entangle us that is referred to in Hebrews 12:1.

Follow Jesus and never stop following Him. Bartimaeus the newly healed and transformed man in V52 followed Jesus. He didn’t see this as the time for merry making but chose to follow Jesus. Many get a breakthrough or turnaround and come to the faulty conclusion that being committed to God is no longer necessary. We remember a story told by the GO of a man that God had healed or delivered from a serious calamity and stopped going to church. When asked why, he must have said something like does a man who has been healed stay in the hospital.
Per adventure you are reading this message and you have not surrendered to Jesus, I suggest that you cry out to God for mercy now and surrender your life to Jesus.


• Father we cry unto You, please have mercy on us and loved ones in Jesus name.

• Father in the time of trouble, please preserve us, sustain us and give us. Peace in Jesus name.

• Father as you took away the reproach of darkness from the life of Bartimaeus, please let Your light dispel every form darkness from Nigeria in Jesus name.

• Father today, we receive good news of great change, victory and turnaround concerning us, our household and Nigeria in Jesus name.

• We declare that we will continually triumph over all our enemies, adversity and impediments to our divine victory in Jesus name.

• Father enable us to arise, shine and be counted amongst the mighty in the land in Jesus name.

• We pray for a great and positive turnaround concerning that the spiritual, health, academic, career/employment and business and marital status of our children in Jesus name.

• Your personal request regarding the areas in which you are seeking a turnaround.