The righteousness which is by faith


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The righteousness which is by faith


“………Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness” (Romans 4:3)

The righteousness of the Law of Moses was based on works. However, the righteousness which is by the faith of Jesus Christ was credited to your account when you were born again; this righteousness excludes works. In other words, it’s not based on the works of the Law or your good actions. It’s not based on how good and nice you’ve been, but on faith. It has nothing to do with what you did and what you didn’t do, for it’s the result of what Christ has done.

Sadly, some Christians are still trying to be righteous, holy, and pleasing to God! They are struggling to be what they already are. They’re trying to possess what God already said belongs to them. The Bible says, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our LORD Jesus Christ(Romans 5:1). That means you’re already righteous, hence, you don’t need to struggle to be righteous.

There are people who believe that their good works will answer for them in life. They think they rank highly with God because they don’t do anything wrong. The righteousness which is by faith doesn’t rely on your good works but on your faith in the God that justifies the ungodly (Romans 4:5). I’m talking about the One that saved Rahad, the prostitute. All Rahad did was to believe in the God that justifies the ungodly and embrace the righteousness of God.

You may be reading this blog and you’ve committed many sins in your life. You’ve lied, cheated, done a lot of terrible things, and made a lot of mistakes. Well, you don’t need to cry, feel condemned, or keep brooding over all the wrong things you’ve done! We have a God that justifies the ungodly. Just believe in Him! Believe in the cleansing power of blood of Jesus Christ; that blood is still effective today.


Dear Heavenly Father! My heart is anchored on Your Word and I refuse to yield to the distractions of the enemy. Help me to keep my focus and confidence rooted in the cleansing power of the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and not in my good works, in Jesus Christ Name I pray, Amen!

May the LORD bless Nigeria, American and Israel and take care of us; May the LORD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!