The quality of your hunger by Evangelist Lawrence Oyor


🔹Hunger is knowing God just as he knows you.

🔹 Hunger is a blessing (Matthew 5:6)

🔹God is the author of hunger but it is our responsibility to fuel the hunger .

🔹You keep being hungry by spending time with GOD on a daily basis .

🔹It is not every message you listen to, only a hungry person can make another person hungry.

🔹The ill of our generation is that you can know things you have not mastered or you can repeat things that you have not mastered because of social media and internet.

🔹 Hunger has proofs.

🔹Hunger brings actions.

🔹Hunger makes you last long in the place of prayers.

🔹Hunger is in levels.

🔹If you are not hungry,you do not mean anything to the plan of God.

🔹Hunger is the seed of greatness.

🔹 Hunger is what separate men.

🔹 Encounters are there to increase your hunger.