The enemy loves to catch them young. Guard your oil and protect your mantle by Pastor Femi Lazarus


I was taking mathematics tutorials, it was my first year in school. Mathematics for me was a subject I love teaching, despite the fact that it wasn’t my field of study. A young lady obviously became fond of me, and probably my gentle mode of teaching. After a while our discussion graduated from just talking with her in front of the class to a point where she began escorting me home. We were both students but something beyond our studies was already brewing gradually between us. Let’s cut the long story short; one day while she was visiting as usual, we sat down to eat together; it was rice and stew with just one meat left on it for either of us to eat. As a young man that was well brought up I told her to eat the meat as I could always buy one whenever I want to, but she insisted that I should take the meat also, we didn’t have to banter words before she told me that if I was smart enough I would have put the meat in my mouth and then pass it to her own mouth. At this point I became furious then I ate the whole meat.

The atmosphere was already tense, her emotions were rising, we were both in the room alone, it was dangerous for the both of us. Her legs were wide open, she was up to something and I was naive. Suddenly she began screaming fire, she began complaining that my eyes were glittering, then she began confessing of how she had destroyed her leaders at home through immorality, she went on to confess about the atrocities she had done in her family, then she ran out of my room leaving her shoes behind. This was over eleven years ago. If I had fallen into that snare that day, I will definitely not be where I am doing all that God wants me to do, I would have lost it before discovering what I was made for. There are mistakes and there are major mistakes, the enemy loves to catch them young. You might look ordinary now, but you won’t be like this forever, guard your oil! Protect your mantle!

Delilah is not your friend, don’t pray when faced with this kind of situation, RUN!!!
While mercy might speak, let wisdom lead always, it is better to flee than to be sorry.

© Pastor Femi Lazarus.