That I may receive my sight. Open my eyes O Lord.


I will praise God
From everlasting
To everlasting
I will praise Him
From everlasting,
Everlasting to everlasting

Adonai we worship You
Son of God,
You are so good
Almighty father
Hallowed be Your name
Your dominion
Is forever more

Father we thank You and bless Your Holy name, We appreciate You for safety, protection and provision. We thank You for granting us the privilege to see, yet, another day in the land of the living, in good health and wealth. Blessed be Your name, most High

Matt 10:51

Isaiah 59:21
“As for me, ” says the Lord ” this is My convenant with them. My spirit who is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants’ descendants, ” says the Lord, “from this time and forevermore.”

Brethren , how beautiful when the Lord “opens ones eye so that one could see”

The passage above makes me realise, my eyes are opened to know that the Holy spirit is a living being /thing!!. The Lord says ” My spiritwho” is upon you…”who” is for a living wonder ” It ” can guide and satisfy as in Isaiah 58; 11-12. For this reason we can face tomorrow,
all our fears are gone, because He holds our future, our lives are worth a living !!
Alleluia!! Amen !
What more can make us say there is a lifting up, even in the so obvious a downward trend of events in the past one year.

Our God is awesome,
He can move mountains, even when they look insurmountable, like the myriads of economic and financial woes, keep us in the valleys, to escape all the arrows of the wickedness of the wicked, known and unknown , hide us from the rain , so we are safe from the floods of life, when it rears its ugly heads !!

So we can keep singing
Bless the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul
Worship His Holy name
Sing like never before, oh my soul
Worship His Holy name .

Brethren it is well with our souls in Jesus Christ Name. Amen

Good morning everyone