Take your mountain. Fearlessness and faith in God bring great gain.



Joshua 14:12-“Now therefore, give me this mountain, ….”

Caleb, at 85, did not use his old age, friendship with Joshua or his long-standing leadership position, to obtain for himself, the choice portion of the land. Instead, he asked that the most difficult part, full of hostile inhabitants, be allotted to him. He took it, subdued the inhabitants and inherited it. That mountainous land is today’s popular Hebron, the second holiest city in Israel, next only to Jerusalem. Fearlessness and faith in God brings great gain!

1. Stop looking for short cuts to success. Those who cut corners or seek the easiest way to success, often never get there or stay long there.

2. Do not be afraid of confronting obstacles. The bigger the obstacle you overcome, the bigger your prize, and the greater your testimony.

3. Stop using things like age, gender, family background etc, as excuses not to pursue your dreams. Successful people don’t give excuses, they give testimonies.

4. When you challenge God with your acts of faith, He responds with rains of miracles because therein lies His glory.

5. Be careful how you use connections, so that they don’t connect you away from God’s perfect plan for your life. In jumping the queue, you may jump away from your life’s purpose!

6. It is never too late to succeed. Moses, Joshua and Caleb became successful in their eighties. Not how long, but how well, in the end.

7. What you work hard for, stays long with you, but what you get cheaply, leaves you cheaply. Work hard, so that your reward can endure.

Go out this week, looking for mountains to scale, rather than valleys to hide in. May your Hallelujah be louder from day to day, in Jesus name.


Father, as I take my mountains from now, please help me to overcome, in Jesus name.