God is Glorious in Holiness

Glorious By David James Archuleta

 Glorious By David James Archuleta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asyP23gSIqY There are times when You might feel aimless And can't see the places Where you belong But you will find that There is a purpose It's been there within you All along And when you're near it. You can...

GOD is

GOD is 1. Wonderful 2. Counsellor 3. Prince of Peace 4. Eternal Rock of Ages 5. King of Glory 6. Mighty God 7. King of kings 8. Lord of lords 9. Lord of hosts 10. Lilly of the valley 11. Healer 12. Deliverer 13. Provider 14. Creator 15. Potter 16....

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