Glorious names

Glorious By David James Archuleta

 Glorious By David James Archuleta There are times when You might feel aimless And can't see the places Where you belong But you will find that There is a purpose It's been there within you All along And when you're near it. You can...

Names of GOD in the bible

WonderfulCounsellorPrince of PeaceEternal Rock of AgesKing of GloryMighty GodKing of kingsLord of lordsLord of hostsLilly of the valleyHealerDelivererProviderCreatorPotterDay StarCornerstoneProphet of prophetsSaviourI AM THAT I AMWisdom of GodHead of the churchGovernorRighteous JudgeProtectorRock of salvationShieldMerciful GodGracious...

Join all the glorious names, Of wisdom, love and power

Join all the glorious names Of wisdom, love and power. That mortals ever knew, That angels ever bore: All are too mean to speak His worth, Too mean to set my Saviour forth.               Great Prophet of my God, My tongue would bless...

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