Success for our Children, this session and beyond By Wole Oyedeji


Psalm 112:2 NLT
Worship: Surely Goodness, Surely Mercy.

Father we bless your Holy and Mighty Name. You are the mountain mover, destiny changer, miracle worker and lifter up of our head. We acknowledge that You are the incomparable God, Greater than the Greatest, Mightier than the Mightiest, the God without a rival or equal. To you be all the Glory and Adoration.

We thank You for the gift of life and the privilege to partake of this beautiful and wonderful day. We thank You for being our Abba Father and Your grace that has made parents and parents to be. Please accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Brethren it is September, our month of fruitfulness in the CTL family. It is also a month in which most of our fruits, our children transition: to a higher class, to a new phase in their academic journey and out of schooling into the work sphere. This morning, I just want us commit the journey of our children for the next one year and indeed their future into the hands of God Almighty.

Our children have certain needs in the course of this new journey, some we the parents via God’s grace can give, some their teachers/bosses and pastoral care leaders can give, some they can do themselves but most importantly God is the anchor and sure foundation they must stand upon to have a successful journey. The focus this morning is therefore on prayers for these children but before then a reminder of what we the parents must have done, should be doing and must continue doing.

  • Commit everything pertaining to our children to God. They are really His and we are stewards and caretakers in the process of bring them up.
  • We as parents must model Godliness so that our children have something good to imitate. See Paul’s charge to Timothy in 1 Tim 4:16. The absence of this is what has led to some children manifesting bad and ungodly behavior outside the home.
  • Teaching our children, the Word of God. Prov 22:6, Prov 2:1-13 and Deut 6:6-9 attests to the importance of doing this.
  • Letting them know that it is their responsibility to work out their salvation though we lead them. Phil. 2:13.
  • Constantly praying for God’s: guidance regarding choice of schools/subjects/careers, protection, mercy for the children.
  • Getting involved and not sitting back. Visiting their schools and engaging their tutors from time to time.
  • Allowing the children to make independent decisions at certain ages.


  1. Father we thank You the precious gifts of these children that You have put in our care. Please bless those waiting on you for the fruit of the womb with their heart’s desire in Jesus name.
  2. Father thank You for the progress that our children are making educationally and workwise.
  3. Father please let our children be successful in all their endeavours (Psalm 112:2) in Jesus name
  4. Father may we not have the experience of Hezekiah a righteous king who raised an ungodly child in Manasseh (2 Kings 21:2). Please help us not to be too busy or distracted in raising our children in Jesus name.
  5. Father it is your Spirit in man and your breath that makes a man intelligent (Job 32:8), please let Your Spirit fill our children and make them intelligent in Jesus name.
  6. Excellent Spirit from God shall rest upon our children (Dan 1:20) and make them ten times better and preferred over others in Jesus name.
  7. Father in the pattern of Psalm 37:23, please order the steps of our children and let their ways delight you in Jesus name.
  8. As children of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, please strengthen our children and defend them against their enemies and forces of distraction (Deut 33:7)/Neh 4:14b in Jesus name.
  9. Father please make the challenging paths of the children’s study/work/living this season easy and smooth (Isa 40:4) in Jesus name.
  10. Our children shall bring forth excellent academic and work place results this season and beyond (Psalm 1:3) in Jesus name.
  11. We pray that our children will not consent to the enticement of evil influencers and wolves in sheep’s clothing (Prov 1:10) in Jesus name. Please in the pattern of (Gal 1:10) deliver them from the need to win the approval of people in Jesus name.
  12. Father please perfect all concerning our children and do not forsake them (Psalm 138:8) in Jesus name.
  13. Father please supply all the financial resources required to take care of the needs of our children in Jesus name.
  14. In life’s journey, please bless our children with excellent mentors in Jesus name.
  15. Father please guide our children with the skillfulness of Your hands (Psalm 78:72),
  16. We decree that we will never sorrow over or mourn our children in Jesus name.
  17. We declare that no weapon formed or fashioned against children shall prosper (Isa 54:17) in Jesus name.
  18. On the days of great celebrations of these children, we declare that a minute’s silence will not be called for us as we shall be there in Jesus name.
  19. None of these children shall be victims of Covid-19 or any pandemic, tragedy or calamity that might arise in the future in Jesus name.
  20. Finally, Father please do not let our children’s teachers/bosses be weary in doing good to them and please reward them bountifully in due season.