Submit to God’s leadership and God’s authority

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You’re the product of the information to which you expose
yourself. You’re the result of the leadership to which you submit yourself.
There are different forms of leadership in the world, but there’s only one
which is of God; that’s the leadership of the Word of God.

Some people listen and hearken to all sort of information,
refusing to be guided by God’s Word. Most of such people are ruled by their
senses and therefore estranged from God. The Bible says, “They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children
of God…”
(Romans 9:8). Whenever you open yourself to unrestricted
information, you’re bound to yield to all kinds of worldly advice, which are
void of the revelation of God’s Word.

You must make up your mind that God’s Word would be the only
compass that guides the course of your life, and not what someone who doesn’t
even have the Holy Spirit says.

You can’t live the rest of your life on the opinions of men
and women that have nothing but human experiences to share with you. Don’t
build your home on fickle counsel that’s constantly changing with the senses
and times. Rather, build your life on the proven and tested Word of God that’ll
never change. This is the reason you must let His Word abide in you richly.


Dear Heavenly Father,
I recognize that Your Word is not of men, but the divine light. I yield my
whole being to its leadership or rulership today and by it I find my way
through life.  I declare that the Word of
God is my light and life, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen!