Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye. Deliverance Ministry. The Redeemed Christian Church Of God. Message At The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2013 (Day 3). The Overflow.

Jesus calls Levi. From book: The Life of Jesus...
Jesus calls Levi. From book: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth. Eighty Pictures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey
English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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English: Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye. Deliverance Ministry. The Redeemed Christian Church Of God. Message At The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2013 (Day 3). The Overflow.

Key Text: Mark 16:17.

“And These Signs Will Follow Those Who Believe: In My Name They Will Cast Out Demons; They Will Speak With New Tongues”

According To The Text, The Very First Thing Jesus Said Deliverance Will Do Is To Cast Out Demons. As Children Of God, We Are To Cast Demons Out Not Tolerate Or Fear Them! In Acts 16:16-18, Paul And Silas Came Across A Girl Who Was Possessed With The Spirit Of Divination… She Who Followed Them About For Many Days Saying They Were Servants Of God But One Day, Paul Got Tired Of It And Commanded The Spirit To Come Out Of Her And The Bible Records That The Same Hour, The Spirit Came Out Of The Young Girl.

From This Story We See That If You Tolerate Trouble, You Will Keep Having Troubles And As Long As You Have Agreed To Tolerate Demons, They Will Keep On Troubling You! There Are Many Of Us Who Are Nowhere Near Where God Wants To Us To Be Because There Are Forces Fighting Against Our Lives, Health, Finances And Destiny. Tonight You Are Going To Tell The Devil And His Agents, Enough Is Enough!

In 2kings 4:6-7, The Widow Tolerated Debts For So Long But The Day The Creditors Came To Take Her Boys She Decided To Do Something About It. She Cried Out For Help And Help Came! Tonight Somebody Will Cry To God For Help And Help Will Come In Jesus Name. Amen.

It Is A Great Thing To Be Delivered. In Luke 8:1-3, Mary Magdalene Was Delivered Of Seven Demons And Several Infirmities And After That Deliverance, She Became A Divine Treasurer Using Her Resources For God’s Kingdom. Also In The Book Of Mark 5, After The Mad Man Of Gadara Was Delivered Of The Legion Of Demons, He Became An Evangelist, Proclaiming All Jesus Had Done.

The Purpose Of The Devil Is To Stop You From Achieving Destiny. He Knows God Didn’t Create You For Fun, He Knows God Created You For Greatness And As A Result He Will Do Anything To Make Sure You Don’t Fulfil Destiny.

It Is Great To Be Delivered But It Is Much Better Never To Be Possessed Again. Sometimes People Get Delivered But Due To Carelessness, They Get Possessed All Over Again. Matthew 12:43-45 Says “ When An Unclean Spirit Goes Out Of A Man, He Goes Through Dry Places, Seeking Rest, And Finds None. Then He Says, ‘I Will Return To My House From Which I Came.’ And When He Comes, He Finds I Empty, Swept, And Put In Order. Then He Goes And Takes With Him Seven Other Spirits More Wicked Than Himself, And They Enter And Dwell There; And The Last State Of That Man Is Worse Than The First”. Many Are Going To Be Free Tonight And By The Grace Of God, They Will Be Free Forever In Jesus Name. Amen. Tonight When God Sets You Free, You Will Be Free Completely In Jesus Name. Amen.

It’s Great To Be Delivered But It Is Better Never To Have Been Possessed. If You Ask Anyone Who Has Been Delivered Before, They Will Tell You That There Is Something To Show That They Had Been Possessed In The Past. For Example The Mad Man Of Gadara Used To Cut Himself With Stones, After Being Delivered, He Must Have Felt Totally Okay But There Would Have Been Scars Left On His Body From The Cuts. If You Have Never Been Possessed, It’s A Great Thing But If You Are Been Held Down By Demons, God Will Deliver You Tonight In Jesus Name. Amen.

The Main Text For Tonight Says “These Signs Will Follow Those Who Believe: In My Name They Will Cast Out Demons”. This Congress Is Not Just For You To Be Delivered, You Are Called To Deliver Others To.

What Are The Things Required To Have A Deliverance Ministry to Deliver Someone, You Must Have An Intimate Knowledge Of The Great Deliverer. In Daniel 11:32, The Bible Says “The People Who Know Their God Shall Be Strong, And Carry Out Great Exploits”. If You Know The Great Deliverer Who Is Jesus, You Will Be Able To Do Exploits And Cast Out Demons.

There Are Certain Things You Need To Know About Jesus The Deliverer:

I. You Need To Know The Power In His Name. Phil 2:9-11 Says “Therefore God Also Has Highly Exalted Him And Given Him The Name Which Is Above Every Name, That At The Name Of Jesus Every Knee Should Bow, Of Those In Heaven, And Of Those On Earth, And Of Those Under The Earth, And That Every Tongue Should Confess That Jesus Christ Is Lord, To The Glory Of God The Father”. If You Cast Out Demons In Your Name, You Will Get Into Trouble But If You Cast Out Demons In The Name Of Jesus, The Demons Will Move.

Ii. You Need To Know The Power In His Blood. Revelation 12:11 Says “And They Overcame Him By The Blood Of The Lamb”. There Is Power Mighty, Tremendous Power In The Blood Of Jesus. The Bible Says The Life Of An Animal Is In Its Blood So You Need To Know That The Very Life Of God Is In The Blood Of Jesus And That Makes The Blood Powerful!

Iii. You Need To Know The Power In The Word. When Jesus Was Faced With Temptation In The Wilderness, He Overcame The Devil By Saying “It Is Written”. The Word Of God Is Powerful, Bible Says In Ephesians 6:17 That Word Of God Is The Sword Of The Spirit. So When The Devil Comes To Harass You, You Draw Out Your Sword (Which Is The Word) To Fight Him.

Practical Steps To Take When Trying To Deliver A Captive

1) Plead The Blood Of Jesus. “ I Cover Myself In The Blood Of Jesus.”

2) Bind All The Demons. Matthew 18:18 Says “Assuredly, I Say To You, Whatever You Bind On Earth Will Be Bound In Heaven, And Whatever You Loose On Earth Will Be Loosed In Heaven.”

3) Command The Demons To Loose Their Hold On The Captive.

“It Is Written That Whatever I (Insert Your Name) Bind On Earth Shall Be Bound In Heaven. Whatever I (Insert Your Name) Loose On Earth Shall Be Loose In Heaven. I Bind All You Demons And Command You To Loose Your Hold Over This Life”

4) You Decree That Everything God Hasn’t Planted In The Captive Be Uprooted (Matthew 15:13). You Can Pray Saying Something Like “Whatever The Enemy Has Put In This Person That Has Not Been Put There By God, I Command You To Leave”

5) Command The Captive To Be Free In The Name Of Jesus And They Shall Be Free!

N.B. Don’t Wait For The Devil To Give You Demonstrations. Don’t Listen To Demons, They Are Liars. Some Of You Have Been Thought To Ask The Demons Questions But You Don’t Need To Waste

After Delivering The Captive, There Are Certain Things You Must Do

1) Encourage The Person To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit.

2) Encourage The Person To Be An Aggressive Soul-Winner. Mark 5:15-20, God Told The Mad Man After He Had Been Set Free To Go Win Souls. The Reason Why Many People Go Back Into Sin After Getting Saved Or Get Possessed After Being Delivered Is Because They Don’t Get Busy For God.

3) Encourage The Person To Live Holy. John 14:30, John 8:44. If You Continue In Sin, The Devil Will Come Back To Claim You.

4) Tell The Person To Be Prayerful. 1thess 5:17. When You Pray, Particularly In Tongues, You Will Keep The Devil Far Away From You.

In Acts 19:11-17, The Bible Tells A Story Of The Seven Sons Of Sceva Who Tried Casting Out Demons In The Name Of “Jesus Who Paul Preached” But Rather Than Come Out, They Demon Replied And Said “Jesus I Know, And Paul I Know; But Who Are You?”. Just Because You Have Learnt So Much About Deliverance Today Does Not Mean You Can Go Around Casting Out Demons. If You Are Not Really A Child Of God And You Go Trying To Cast Out Demons Just Because Pastor Adeboye Said So, The Demon Will Say To You “Jesus I Know, Adeboye I Know, But Who Are You?”. You Can Only Be A Partaker Of The Blessings Tonight If You Surrender Your Life Truly And Totally To God.

Prayer Points

1)  Praise God Whole Heartedly.

2) Father! Please Forgive All My Sins Of Disobedience And Lukewarmness.

3) Father! Empower Me Tonight For Battle Against All Forces Of Darkness .

4)   Father! Stand With Me Tonight. Support Me Fully As I Bind And Loose.

5)  Father! Whatever You Have Not Planted In My Life, Home, Family, Office, Soul, Ministry Etc, Let Them Be Uprooted Tonight.

6) Father! Let All Forces Besieging My Destiny, Hear A Noise From Heaven Tonight.

7)  Father! As You Were With Moses When He Faced Pharaoh. As You Were With Joshua By The Wall Of Jericho. As You Were With David, When He Faced Goliath. Please Be With Me Tonight.

The Bible Says In Deuteronomy 32:30 That 1 Will Chase 1000 And 2 Will Put 10,000 To Flight So Hold Somebody And Pray The Following Prayer Points

– Father Lord Of Host, Arise For Us Now! Arise For Our Families And For The Church

– Satan In The Mighty Name Of Jesus, We Command You By The Power In The Blood Of Jesus Loose These Children Of God. Loose My Brother/Sister, Let Him/Her Go

– My Brother/Sister, In The Mighty Name Of Jesus, Every Force Against Your Destiny, I Disband Now!

– Neighbour It Is Written, I Will Decree A Thing And It Will Be Established Unto Me, I Hereby Decree In The Mighty Name Of Jesus, Be Free! Be Free From Every Yokes, Every Form Of Bondage.

– Father, In My Life, In My Home In My Business, In Your Church, Let There Be Light!

May God Bless Nigeria, America And Israel And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!


May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!