RCCG September 2020 Holy Communion Service, Let there be Light 8, by Pastor E A Adeboye

Pastor E A Adeboye https://www.God.bingo

September 2020 Holy Communion Service
Theme: Let There Be Light part 8
Bible Text: John 21:12-17

Jesus had prepared the food. He just said to them “come and dine”.

I believe that the holy communion of tonight is meant for one person in particular.
When you attend the holy communion, you are going to eat a meal prepared by the Lord Himself. He’s simply asking you to come and dine.

Three times, the Lord spoke to Simon, “Do you love me?”.
Feed my lamb. Take care of the new converts. Make disciples and spread the gospel.
It was the destiny of Peter to win souls.
Luke 5:1-11

After that meal, when the light of God shone on him, days later, Peter became very fruitful. After the meal, his destiny was fully restored.

Peter won 3000 souls in one day.
Acts 2:41
Peter won 5000 souls. Acts 4:4

It is man’s destiny to be fruitful and to multiply. Genesis 1:28
The priority of God concerning you is to be fruitful and multiply.

There were many people praying but the Lord shone on one person, Hannah.
1 Samuel 1:9-20
1 Samuel 2:21
1 Samuel 3:21
As you partake of the holy communion, the Great Restorer will restore all the years that the cankerworm has eaten and all your shame will be wiped away.

If you are not a child of God, don’t take the Holy Communion.

Please clear your mind of every form of bitterness before you partake of the Holy Communion.

Prayer Points
-When you take the bread, cry unto God and pray that the power in the broken body of Jesus Christ will avail unto you today and bring complete wholeness to your body, soul and spirit.

-As you take the wine, pray that God will shine His light on you.