Prayer Points for July 2012 Prayer and Fasting Period for RCCG Partners.



Prayer points for July 2012 Prayer and  Fasting period for RCCG Partners:


Start each day with praise and worship.

Pray for our father in the Lord Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his immediate family.

Pray for the upcoming 60th annual Convention of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, theme Come Up Higher

Pray for journey mercies for all that will attend the Convention throughout the world.

Pray for all elders of the church and the Governing Council

Pray for all Pastors in all Provinces and Countries of the world

Pray for all workers in all departments of the Church

Pray for the youth and children of the Church

Pray for family units, married couples and singles in the Church

Pray for outpouring of God‘s power, anointing and salvation of sinners, healing and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit during this convention.

For Personal Prayer Points

  1. Say Father, take over my life, family, marriage, ministry, fiancés and business. Be in charge from now on.
  2. Father, from now on let failure becomes a stranger to me. Never let me hear anything called failure again. Don’t let me ever fail again, mentally, physically, spiritually.
  3. Father, all the years that I have wasted, restore them to me. You are the controller of time and season, Father, restore in Jesus Name.
  4. Father, beginning from today accelerate my promotion, promote me rapidly and I will serve you with all my life, time and you have given me.
  5. Father, give me a permanent victory over all the enemies of my soul, body, family, church, Victory that will last forever.
  6. Father, the grace to please you at all time, please give it to me.
  7. Father, the grace to obey you in all things, please give it to me.
  8. Father, the grace to praise you with all my heart, please give it to me.
  9. Lift up your voice and say Father, never let me be a loser again.
  10. Father, let me swim in your love always


  1.  His alive amen, His alive amen

       Jesus is alive forever, His alive amen.

  1. The God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

       Jehovah the man of war

       Your mercy endureth forever and ever

              O praises His holy Name.

Hymn: Rock of Ages cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee.

What is God’s purpose for our life? Jeremiah 29:11-14

Our God is a convent keeping God: Nehemiah 9:32a


Acts 13:1 some men of God decided to fast for a purpose.

What is the purpose? To praise and worship God. Don’t forget that to do the same during this period of waiting.

Pray for undivided heart. Let me concentrate on you alone and guide every step of life.

Let me trust you with all my heart, let me place my hope in you, a complete obedient, you said it that settle it. No augment. Let me live and walk according to your guide for me. Let me know your characters and let me live accordingly.

This is the time we want to hear Holy Spirit’s voice, ask God to give you ear to hear Him in his still gentle voice.

Take me to a new level in the things of the Kingdom of God in Jesus Name.  Lift me up higher and higher in your grace.

Increase my love for you daily. (“Peter said where we will go you are the Savior”)

Father our heart is a battle field, full of different thought; David said create in me a clean heart O Lord and renewed a right spirit within me. Ask the Lord to change your heart today for His glory.

There are storms in this life, especially on the way to the throne; but He promise to be with us.

No matter how hard is the journey, please sustain us.

The word of God said “If you believe you can tell the mountain to move and it will obey.

Tell the mountain that is standing between you and you glory to be shifted now.

Ask the Lord to enlarge your coast. Ask Him to visit you during this period and reveal deep things that would help you to prosper in your ministry.

Are not the people that start, not the people that join in the middle but the people that finish well, Tell the Lord to help you to finfish well.

Father, you are the Lord of host, please fight my battle for me, fight the battle of your church, you promise that gate of hell will not prevail over your church. Arise O Lord and scatter all the things that are standing on the way of the church progress.

Fight for us and give us victory.  Lift us up higher and higher in Jesus name.

God told Ezekiel to prophesy upon these bones and say unto these bones hear the word of the Lord.

The word of God is sharper than two edged sword. I want us to prophesy to our lives, family, church, this Nation, our country Nigeria, and Jerusalem ask for peace and God fear in the heart of people in Jesus Name.

Daddy, don’t let my eyes be shifted from you, keep me focus, let my eyes be fixed on you. I know it is well with my soul.

Psalm 119:32 “Look thou upon me, and be merciful unto me, as thou use to do unto those that love thy name.” Daddy, please have mercy on me.

Psalm 121:1 God is our helper, look unto Him and ask Him for help in every areas of your lives.

Ask God to send help to your ways. When you look forward let me see help, left, right, sides.

Let me receive a great visitation from you. Angel visited Mary, Jacob had an encounter with the Lord and there was changed in his life, let me have a great encounter with you from now on till eternity.

Pray for one another, hold somebody and pray that God should give him/her a new beginning, a new beginning of perfect health, joy, success, victory, all round progress in Jesus Name.

Discuss with God what you want Him to do for you in these remaining days in the year 2012.

Round up prayer: prayer for our children for protection, progress, success in their daily endeavor, pray for perfect health, pray that God should send help to them.

Pray that God will enable ALL OF US to reach OUR goals in Jesus Name.

May the LORD bless Nigeria, American and Israel and take care of us; May the LORD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!