Prayer points for God to stop the daily kidnapping and ritual killings

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BIBLE TEXT(s): Ex 21:16, Eph 1:13-14, Eph4:30, Ps114:1-7

kidnapping is the act of abducting an individual or a group of persons for monetary gain or ritual purpose. as we pray, God will hear us and put an end to all forms of killings and kidnapping in our nation in Jesus name.


  1. Father thank you for keeping and protecting me and my family from being victims of kidnapping all these years.
  2. Thank you Father for delivering and protecting me from the hands of kidnappers.
  3. Let us thank God for the availability of the blood of Jesus that speaks mercy for us always.
  4. Let us confess our sins and ask God for mercy for we have advertised, legalized, celebrated and boasted in sin. 2Chro 7:13-14
  5. Let us ask God for mercy for all the sins of disobedience, oppression, lying, bloodshed and kidnapping in our nations. 1JN 1:9
  6. Father arise in Your power and release all Your children in the cage of kidnappers and ritualist in the name of Jesus. Isa 49:24-26
  7. Oh God scatter the plans and agenda of kidnappers, ritualist in this nation in Jesus name. Isa8:9-10
  8. Oh Lord, strive with the agent of killings and death that strive with our nation. Ps 35:1-6
  9. Father arise against those sponsoring the killings of innocent citizens in our nation. Ps68:1-2
  10. Father render all the weapons of the killers of innocent citizens of our country impotent in the mighty name of Jesus. Isa54:16-17
  11. Oh God save the youths of our country for thy mercy’s sake Ps6:4
  12. Father please trouble these kidnappers, terrorists, and ritualists in this nation until they surrender to You in the mighty name of Jesus. Ps55:19
  13. Father please lay ambush against all the kidnappers, terrorists, killers, and ritualist in this nation in the mighty name of Jesus. 2Chro20:22
  14. Father please let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end in this nation in the mighty name of Jesus. Psa7:9
  15. Oh God arise and deliver our nation from the hands of the destroyers of lives in the mighty name of Jesus. Psa107:20
  16. Father arise and put an end to wickedness in our nation. Ps68:1-2
  17. Oh Lord rebuke and scatter the activity of spear-man who delight in war 18. Every evil river through which death flows into our nation dry up in the mighty name of Jesus. 2Kgs2:21
  18. Oh God our Father, please make yourself known in this nation. Put an end to these killings in the mighty name of Jesus. Ezek35:5
  19. Father make the habitations and the hiding places of kidnappers, ritual killers, terrorist and their sponsors desolate in the mighty name of Jesus. Ezek35:1-6.

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