Peace In The Midst Of Storms.


Peace In The Midst Of Storms.

Prayer points:

-Thanksgiving prayers.

– Forgiveness of sins

– Prayer for the mercy of God upon the Church.

– Prayer for the blood of Jesus to speak on our behalf.

Prayer for Nigeria.

– Thanksgiving for Nigeria.

Isaiah. 62:1

– Prayer for God to empower Our leaders to have the fear of God.

– Prayer against every waster of life in Nigeria.

Genesis 1:3. The Lord spoke let there be light. The agenda of the devil will be exposed and destroyed in Jesus’s name.

– Prayer for Nigeria to manifest her glory.

– Prayer for us and our families to be first partakers of the glory of Nigeria.

– Prayer for peace of God to reign in Nigeria. Psalm 72: 6-7.


LUKE. 8:22-25

MATTHEW. 11:28-30


Storms represents turbulence, while peace is the reversal. To be still means to be calm.

Wherever we find ourselves in the period of our transit in this world, we must learn to trust God. He promised to be with us always.

The thoughts of God towards us are of good and not of evil. (Jeremiah 29:11)

The time of Storm could be a period of test. (Job).

Cast your cares unto God, He watches over us and knows the end for every beginning.


– Through prayers: Luke.18:40. Men ought to pray. Pray until something happens.

– Trust God. (Have faith)

He is the author and finisher of our faith. Isaiah. 26:3

Psalm 121.

Psalm 34:5. They looked unto him and their faces were radiant and they never saw shame.

John. 10:10. The devils plan is to kill and destroy, but Jesus is here to set us free.


Worship brings Joy and peace of mind 2 chronicles 20. (king Jehoshaphat).


Obedience is better than sacrifice, be sensitive, be quiet and live in Obedience to eat the fruit of the land.

The word of God.

Finally, brethren, the word of God is power. Study to show thyself approved (2 Timothy 2:15)

Prayer points:

– Thank God for his promises that faileth not.

– Prayer for forgiveness in every way we’ve doubted God.

– Prayer for peace.

– Enablement to stand in time of waiting.

-Remove fear oh Lord.

– Holy Spirit help us when we go through storms.

-Prayer for women in the Church. Ephesians 4.

– God give us the eyes of Elijah

– God give us the ears of Samuel

-God give us the tongue of Elijah.