God Bless All Women Through Christ Jesus Our Lord And Saviour! Amen! “work hard so that you can be able to afford your own sugar tomorrow” Words of Wisdom!

Thrice The Charm

Mother’s Day was less than a fortnight ago. The outpouring of love towards Mothers – Biological, Adoptive, Angel moms, Spiritual, Stepmothers, Fur-Baby moms, Mothers to angel babies – was amazing across the globe. Social media had a variety of photographs, from baby pics to current snaps of mothers and their children, all telling different tales to the viewers. The common tale, however, was how mothers are held in high regard, in spite of their weaknesses and/or shortcomings. When all is said and done, our mothers are exemplary beings.

I am lucky to have been raised in a family where the women who directly impact my journey as a young woman are phenomenal in every definition of the word. To have gotten a front row seat to the magnificence that was both my Grandmothers, is a gift I do not take for granted because even in their absence, their legacies still…

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The Power Of God’s Mercy And Grace. Let Us Therefore Come Boldly Unto The Throne Of Grace, That We May Obtain Mercy, And Find Grace To Help In Time Of Need. Go And Sin No More. It Is The Mercy Of The Lord That Turns A Mess Into A Message To Reach The Dying World. Grace Polishes You Up To Attract Favour From God And Man.


The Power Of God’s Mercy And Grace. Song on grace and mercy: Let us pray: Our father and our Lord, we thank you for yet another breaking of the day. Thank you daddy for the gift of life, thank you … Continue reading

I want to know HIM. May We Always Hunger For God. Just As We Hunger And Eat Daily, May We Hunger And Thirst After God’s Righteousness. Spiritual Hunger Is A Blessing By Austines Ekezie.


Spiritual Hunger Is A Blessing By Austines Ekezie. Hence Paul cried out, I WANT TO KNOW HIM! This is after so much revelations already. He never lost hunger for God. Alot misunderstand the concept for hunger and thirst for God. … Continue reading

Glory in Knowledge of God. Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches. The wise should not boast of their wisdom, nor the strong of their strength, nor the rich of their wealth. If any want to boast, they should boast that they know and understand Jehovah, because God’s love is constant.


Glory in Knowledge of God.  Song : All the glory must be to the Lord For He is worthy to be praised No man on earth should give glory to himself For all the glory must be to the Lord. … Continue reading

Testimony Time! Others were accepted but I was rejected thrice at ritualists’ den – Nurse,18, abducted in Rivers state shares her story.


Testimony Time! Others were accepted but I was rejected thrice at ritualists’ den – Nurse,18, abducted in Rivers state shares her story. An 18-year-old auxiliary nurse, Rachael David, who was recently abducted by suspected ritualists in Rivers state, has shared … Continue reading

Is Your Faith Alive?

Jesus Christ Eternally Refreshing


If I was asked that question I would say Yes, but not all the time.  The thing about faith is this it’s easy to have it when everything is good in your life but when everything isn’t going so good it seem to be not so easy for faith to be alive.  Faith is not supposed to be easy in fact faith is to step out in to the unknown, faith is to whole heartedly give it to God and tell God that He is in control. The best definition of faith (I think) is found in the Bible (Hebrews 11:1) Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen, or in other words like to say to believe in the invisible hope.  The gantlet has been laid down now do you dare to live by faith?

Many in the Bible had a…

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A couple of ideas relating to feeding your kid

Data Diary

save the chidren

  • All kids need to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet. But should that balance change for kids who play on a sports team or work out? Maybe.


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In Spirit and In Truth The Word

Psa 29:3 The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters.

The go to verse in this chapter is verse two – “…worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” The true emphasis is on the voice of the Lord. We find the voice of the Lord is “upon the waters.” We find that His voice “thundereth.” We also see several other things about the voice of the Lord. It is “powerful,” it is full of “full of majesty.”

We then proceed to the results of the voice of the Lord. His voice breaketh the cedars of Lebanon.” He makes the cedars to “skip like calves.” The voice of the Lord “divideth the flames of fire.” It “shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.”, It makes the…

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