Our deadly enemies grief and sorrow – satan! devil!!

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Many of us, even though we’re believers, have seen grief and
sorrow as such a natural part of life that, we haven’t even questioned them. In
fact, if we’re honest, we’d have to admit there are times when we actually want
to feel sad and sorry for ourselves.

Why would we choose to feel sorrow? Because sorrow has an
emotional kick to it. It offers a surge of felling that, in the beginning
stages, is almost intoxicating.

But grief and sorrow are dangerous things. Several years ago
God showed me that they’re not the innocent emotions we’ve thought they were.
The force behind these emotions are actually spirit beings sent by the devil
himself to kill, steal and destroy.

They are a part of the devastating, satanic barrage Jesus
took on Himself when He died on the Cross (Isaiah 53). He bore grief and
sorrow, so we wouldn’t have to. If they come knocking on your door, remember,
they are not innocent emotions. They are deadly enemies that Jesus already
carried away at Calvary.

Don’t live as those who have no hope. You’re a believer. You
know that Jesus Christ died for you and rose again. That not only gives you
hope where physical death is concerned, it gives you hope in every situation.
Sorrow Not!!!!!!!

Scripture Study:
Isaiah 51: 11-16

By Kenneth Copeland