Office Safety Tips – Safety In The Workplace

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Office Safety Tips – Safety in the workplace

Office safety is very essential in today’s world. That’s why  it’s important to plan ahead for all kinds of workplace emergencies. Think  fire, think electric shock – absolutely anything and everything that you can  think about. Make a list of all these emergencies. Based on this list, make  another list of things you need to have at your workplace to ensure the safety  of your employees. And then install these things.

Here are a few safety tips for the office or for the  workplace:

Keep your working area neat and clean.  One cannot emphasize on this enough. Piles of papers and stacks of files  combined with a tangle of wires are a disaster waiting to happen, on several  fronts. A clean work space will also enable you to identify a problem and  tackle it faster and more effectively.

Ensure that all your doors and windows  have security locks. If you are an establishment that deals with cash on a  daily basis, then you may attract burglars. Install security cameras at doors  and exits. This will help you record the images of thieves and help  the police in locating the culprit.

Install fire alarms. Practice fire  drills with your employees. During the practice sessions, ensure that all the  employees follow the rules (such as getting low on the floor, closing doors and  windows to contain the fire etc.). Mark the exits with noticeable signs so that  employees know where to go to in case such an emergency occurs. Never lock  these exits, but be sure to install security cameras on these doors. Also, it  might be sensible to install fire proof furniture.

Ensure that all the workstations,  machines etc are installed properly. While installing such electric equipment  and appliances, ensure that the wiring and switchboards are earthed properly so  as to prevent electric shocks.

And most of all, insurance is  essential. Although it is not an office safety tip, it often helps to have it  just in case an emergency occurs.