Needed by God. As a child of God, you were saved not just to go to heaven alone, or to live a good life on earth, but also because God needs you.


Mark 11:2-3
“Go into that village over there”, He told them. As soon as you enter it, you will see a young donkey tied there that no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you: ‘what are you doing?’, just say: “the Lord needs it, and will return it soon.”


There were many donkeys in Jerusalem, but God chose a particular one for the honor of carrying Jesus to His final destiny. What stood it out? What is God looking for so He can use you more, for His urgent end-time needs?

1. Availability: The donkey was available to answer God’s urgent need. However able or willing you may be, unless you are available, God cannot use you. He will prefer others less able but more available.

2. Innocence: The colt was inexperienced and without reputation. It had never been ridden before. God does not need your experience, wisdom, fame or reputation. He needs your child-like innocence or even, naivety. He prefers the simple to the complicated, the humble to the haughty. He qualifies the unqualified.

3. Willingness To Yield: The donkey was totally surrendered and yielded for the Master’s use. Those who always argue with God, flaunt their knowledge, or are eager to show off the stuff they are made of, are hardly used by Him. You have to forget who or what you are, and yield completely to God in obedience, faith and trust, even if you don’t understand what He’s doing or you think what He’s asking you to do is not making sense.

4. Purity. Even though God can use anyone, He prefers the untainted. You must be ready and willing to be cleaned and purified to be usable by Him. And His purification process may be hard, because it may require fire, a knife, hammer, chisel or wilderness training. God used the trimmed, not the bloated.

As a child of God, you were saved not just to go to heaven, or to live a good life on earth, but also because God needs you, like He needed the young colt. Are you letting your own need of God over-shadow His need of you?

1. Father, please re-arrange my life, that I may more useful to you.

2. Father, from now, I surrender totally to your need, please use me as you will, in Jesus name.

3. Lord, make me a vessel unto honor, for your end-time needs, in Jesus name.