My name is Mayoress Debby

My name is Mayoress Debby

Hello, Permit me to bring this to you

I am a music minister who also  love to pray and pray with people

Asides this, I’m a serial entrepreneur, a stress ,emotional and work life balance Counselor; a Creative: Presenter and voiceover; Actor, and Writer.

I work with @greenngonline, we render financial digital service, real estate consultations and investments.

We teach wealth creation and Vocational skills one of which is 100% home based.

FROM ME @mayoressdebby TO YOU, I say a very BIG THANK YOU For all your support and love over the years, GOD BLESS YOU.

Here’s how you can help continue in your support my brand, it means a lot

Do follow My social pages IG@mayoressdebby

Youtube @Olutimehin Deborah

Facebook: Mayoress Debby Green


Mayoress Audiomack Music

You can join our what’sapp page where we pray and share testimonies of what God has done for us

And our Mixlr page where we also Pray and Worship


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