My Help. Our help is in the name of the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Our help can only be found in God.


My Help. Our help is in the name of the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Our help can only be found in God.

Bible Text: Psalms 124:8

Blessed Redeemer, we thank You.  We are grateful for another opportunity to be alive with Your breathe in us. We say thank you Daddy.  Please accept our thanks in Jesus Name.

Please we ask for mercy and forgiveness in any area we might have offended You. This morning please blessed our soul, spirit and body.  In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


Early this morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me of this scripture I love so much. I pray as we briefly looked into this, may the Lord bless us in Jesus Name. Amen.

What is Help? There are many explanations to the word help from the dictionary but I will only pick one which says ” Help is used as an appeal for urgent assistance”. 

From the definition above, we can see that when the Psalmist declared that our help is in the name of the Lord, he was practically saying that it is only God that can deliver one.  Also, in Psalms 121 as can be found in the lyrics of the songs above, our help can only be found in God.

Why do we need to look into God for Help

1. God’s Name: In Psalms 124:8, it was declared there that our help is in the Name of the Lord.  No wonder it was declared in Jeremiah 33:3, when God said we should call upon Him and He will show us great and might things. Beloved, I want to encourage us to call on the name of the Lord now into that situation, and God that never lie will arise for you In Jesus Name.  It may sound somehow, but with faith in God, someone will testify to the this soon in Jesus Name.

2. God made Heaven and the Earth: Beloved, from same scripture, we can see that it was declared that God is the one that made heavens and earth.  This proves the fact that our God is the creator of everything, therefore he is the owners of that things you are looking for.  Matthew 6:33 says we should seek God first and every other thing shall be added unto us. This is why I am confident that as you call on the name of the Lord this morning, He will arise for you and I and He will send help to us in Jesus Name.

3 God is powerful: Psalms 62:1, 1 declared that all power belongs to God.  In time of war, any small community who is not strong enough, they make alliance with other communities for assistance because those one are powerful.  The event in Exodus 14:13-14 explained this how God helped the Children of Israel.  I don’t know what might be your challenges or situation now, please note, as we call on the Name of the Lord, we will have victory in Jesus Name.

4. God’s integrity: Brethren, the integrity of our God is very strong. He is faithful to His Words.  1 Thessalonians 5:24, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 61:7 etc all proof that our God is a faithful to His Words and actions.  That is why I declared according to Isaiah 3:10 that it is well with us all in Jesus Name.

In conclusion, Jesus Christ is the only link that can connect us to God to give us access to enjoy God’s help.  Therefore, it is important that we surrender to Him and accept Him if we have not. Also, if we have relaxed, this is an opportunity to reconnect so that, the help that we required will be delivered unto us.


1. Let us thank God for being our Help.

2. Father, please every help I need to excel in life, please give to me

3. Father please help all our children to be responsible children and be used for Your glory.

4. Father in agreement we pray, anyone in need of help now (either physical, Spiritual, emotional, financial, academically etc), please send help to them now Psalms 107:20

Do have a blessed week in Jesus Name.  Help shall surely arise for us all.