Marriage Supper Of The Lamb


Marriage Supper Of The Lamb




Revelation 19: 1-14.


Marriage in the context symbolizes the union between Christ and the church. Ephesians 5: 22-32.
It is however, important to note that the second coming of Christ is the next event after the marriage supper of the Lamb.



The marriage supper of the Lamb means union between Christ the Bridegroom and the bride, the spotless church.



Ephesians 5: 27



Revelations 19: 1-4



Matthew 22: 1-4



Matthew 25: 1-13



It will take place before the second coming of Christ to the earth.



Revelations 19: 1-21



It will take place in the New Jerusalem.



Revelations 21: 2



Revelations 19: 1-21




To assemble the saints for the last supper with Christ. To present the just of all ages to God, the father and fulfill their main eternal purpose. To wipe away tears from the faces of the saints. To take away the saints from the earth before the activities of the anti-christ begins. And to take away the saints before the tribulation.




The marriage supper of the Lamb is the greatest marriage Ceremony. Be prepared to be part of it.



Thank You Jesus.

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