Lord Jesus Christ, let Your mercy locate me today! Amen


TEXT: I Samuel 16 Vs. 1-13.

I have seen the Lord’s goodness.
His mercies and compassion.
I have seen the Lord’s goodness.
Halleluyah praise the Lord.
Oh Lord You have been so good.
You are so good to me.
Oh Lord You are excellent.
In my life everyday.
Oh Lord You have been so good.
You are so good to me.
Oh Lord You are excellent.
In my life…….

Glory be to God in the highest amen
Glory be to God in the highest amen
For His mercies endureth forever amen
For His mercies endureth forever amen

Father we worship you for Who you are and thank you for your goodness and mercy over us and our household. Thank you Lord for the gift of life and the grace to witness a new day in the land of the living. Its of Your mercies that we have not been consumed by the storms of life. Father, we appreciate you for your numerous gifts that you bestow on us daily, we will never take anything for granted as we are not better than those who are gone. Today and always, please let your mercy locate us as you encourage and comfort us through your word and let all glory be yours forever in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

As we know , our theme for this month is DIVINE MERCY, therefore as we draw the curtain over the month this week, I will also like to encourage us from the word of God that is taken from 1 Samuel 16:1-13 on a message titled ‘MERCY LOCATES.’

The word mercy is often used interchangeably with the word grace.

While grace is said to be unmerited favor, mercy is an act of kindness, forbearance or benevolence by one person, shown or demonstrated towards an offender who is undeserving of it.

Usually the one that shows mercy has the power to punish the offender but when he uses his prerogative to let him off the hook that is known as an act of mercy. The Mercy of God can locate someone and change their story where he/she is perceived not to be deserving of that act of mercy .

This is what we find out from our text of today. We see the account of David who was forgotten in the wilderness by his family simply because they thought he does not deserve to be considered for the position of a king. He was always in the wilderness taking care of the sheep, nevertheless, the mercy of GOD still located him . Are you there thinking to yourself this morning that you have been forgotten? Are things not really going the way you expected especially if in your work place You have been on one level for many years and the boss does not seem to notice you or your hard work simply because he/she thinks you do not deserve to be promoted. I want you to know that God has not forgotten you. The mercy of God will locate you wherever you are this season and your story will change for good in Jesus name.

Brethren, Whenever the Mercy of God locates a man, lines begin to fall unto him in pleasant places and in quick succession too (Psalm 16:6). As we can see, David was neglected, abandoned and confined to the wilderness by his family to be taking care of their family business where dangerous animals lived and unfavorable weather conditions existed. Notwithstanding the fact that Jesse his father did not remember him, however, because it was the set time for God to locate and show him mercy, according to Psalm 102: 13 which says “Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come”

God rejected seven of his brothers and led Prophet Samuel to ask if there were no more sons of Jesse to be considered for the anointing service. That was when his father remembered him. They had to wait for him to come in otherwise the assignment of Samuel would not have been concluded.

No matter where you are, be it in the fields, it in the city or wherever you consider your own “Little Corner” I decree today concerning you that the mercy of God will locate you and thereafter things will begin to change for good speedily for you and you will be brought to limelight beyond the expectation of those who have forgotten or written you off in Jesus name. Amen.

Mephiboseth is another example of someone that was located by Mercy. We see his story in the book of 2 Samuel 4:4 and 2 Samuel 9:1-13. He was living in Lodebar like a beggar before David was inspired by the mercy of God to enquire about anyone left of the family of Saul for the sake of Jonathan his friend to show mercy unto; and Mephibosheth was found and brought to him. David restored Mephibosheth as a prince to begin to dine with him at his table and also he restored all his possessions that he had been robbed of by Ziba Saul’s servant. We can say here that David used his prerogative to show mercy ie an act of kindness in this case to an undeserving Saul’s family who had been an enemy after his life till he died.


1)Supernatural Endowment:
In the case of David, Immediately he was anointed by Prophet Samuel the Spirit of God came upon him, 1 Samuel 16:13 . He slew a lion and a bear who tried to kill his sheep with his bare hands according to 1 Samuel 17:34-35. He was supernaturally endowed otherwise he couldn’t have been able to slay a lion who is considered the king of the jungle how much more a bear that could have by nature hugged him to death.
As many of us that have been endowed with different spiritual gifts and several abilities, let us engage them in doing exploits for our God. E.g Rescue the perishing through evangelism

2) Boldness:
After his anointing through the mercy of GOD, remember, he had been forgotten , David became bold and he confronted Goliath who defied the armies of the God of Israel. 1 Samuel 17:44-47. He also became stronger than the enemy of his people, he killed Goliath and thus became a giant killer. 1 Samuel 17:49-51.
As children of God we have been given power to step upon serpents and scorpions and upon all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us . Luke 10:19, let us step out with boldness like David and take authority over every works of darkness around us and displace them for, we have not been given the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind , 2 Timothy 1:7. We shall always come out victorious in Jesus name.

3) Fame:
Mercy located David and brought him to limelight as the women sang his praises after he killed Goliath in 1 Samuel 18 : 7 . This made King Saul to begin to envy him (1 Samuel 18:9) and from that day he became suspicious of David and sought to kill him. He was not spared by his wife Michal either(household enemy) who also despised him as he danced before the ark of the Lord in 2 Samuel 6:16. This confirms the fact that its not everyone that is happy over your success. Be careful who you share your success story with and if you must, don’t share your testimonies until they mature . May the Lord deliver us all from enemies who come like friends in Jesus name.

4) New Song:
When Mercy located and transformed the life of David, out of joy and gratitude he sang a new song to His God in 2 Samuel 22:1-51. After he became king, the Lord established his goings. David was going to and returning from different battles victoriously, especially his escapes from different attempts by king Saul who wanted him dead at all cost.
Like David, Let us not forget to show gratitude to God always for His mercies that are new every day. Sing new songs that you compose by yourself to him for your salvation, deliverance, protection, provision etc. Psalm 33:3, 96:1.

5) Restoration:
In the case of Mephibosheth, the mercy of God located him and gave him total restoration as he was brought from the dunghill (Lodebar) to to the palace to begin to dine with kings, a position that was rightly his as a prince (2 Samuel 9: 11). In addition, he got his inheritance back. 2 Samuel 9:9. . Today the Lord will restore every lost opportunity or possessions to you. He will give you a new beginning in Jesus name.

David encountered the goodness of God and his position became outstandingly relevant, as he became the chosen of the Lord, far above all his senior brothers in the chosen house of Jesse because Mercy located him. God even called him a man after His heart. As you continue to trust and obey and do the will of God, no matter who has written you off, His mercy shall locate you in every wilderness of life and your life shall radiate the glory of God and cause you to outshine all others in Jesus Name.

Let us pray:

*Appreciate God for not forgetting you in the wilderness of life and magnify the Lord for His own set time for divine intervention over you and your family members, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

* Father please make me and my loved ones candidates of your mercy in Jesus name .

*Father, in the fullness of Your Mercy, please disappoint all my household enemies and the unfriendly friends who have written me off for whatever reasons, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

*Father, please let Your Mercy locate me in my obscurity to bring me to limelight in order to fulfill my destiny, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

*Father, please let Your Mercy locate me and lift me up to my uncommon promotion and unparalleled relevance, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

*Father, please let Your Mercy locate me and announce Your Glory in my life in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

*Personal prayers .

*Thank God for answered prayers.

Good Morning Brethren. Have a blessed & wonderful day.