Life can be funny


Don’t lose hope and don’t allow any disappointments to drive you crazy. Life can be funny.

Feeling sorry for yourself and your present condition isn’t only a waste of energy, but the worst habit you could possibly have.

Your disappointment might have been occasioned by some ingratitude shown by someone to whom you sacrificed all that you have for, but know that not everyone will appreciate you and what you do for them.

Be yourself and don’t ever let such acts of ingratitude affect you as to change the person you are. Be positive and never waste a second of your life complaining because, life’s short. Cherish your happiness and avoid the temptation of losing your cool. It doesn’t help you; just let go off the past. Live in the present, tomorrow is never promised. Take it easy and don’t stress, but keep safe.

Good morning and God bless your day greatly in Jesus Name, Amen.