Let there be Light, September 2020 Divine Encounter, by Pastor E A Adeboye

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September 2020 Divine Encounter
Topic: Let there Be light 8
Text: 2nd Samuel 6:6-12

There is someone here today, very soon the whole world will know that God has blessed your household.

When the Ark of the Covenant of God got to the city of David it was kept in the house of Obededom and within 3 months, God blessed Obededom tremendously that the whole nation heard of it.

One of the wonders of Our God is His sovereignty, He does as He pleases because He is the Original Majesty.
Psalm 115:3

Deut 32:39 makes us understand that He can kill and make alive. 1st Samuel 2:6-8 tells us that He can bury and resurrect, He can make poor and make rich, He can dethrone and enthrone, He can bring low to the dunghill and He can take from the dunghill and keep promoting non stop. Our God does as he pleases and nobody can question Him.
The secret of Success lies in who you know.
It will amaze you to know that when the Light of God shines, it can make the blind to see. John 9:1-7. On the other hand, the same light can shine and turn somebody who can see to a blind man. Acts 9:1-9. When you say “Let There Be Light” be careful about what you say, because the light can make the blind to see and the same light can make the one who sees to be blind. In our text, we see that the Ark of the covenant that killed Uzzah is the same Ark of Covenant that blessed Obededom. When you say “Let there Be Light”, it boils down to what side of God you are on. Every true child of God who wants to make it in life needs to know that God is like a coin, He has two sides. On one side of Him is Love,1st John 4:8. On the other side of Him, He is a consuming fire. Heb 12:29

If you are on the side called love, then everything you touch will prosper. If you are on the side called consuming fire, then God have mercy on you. Those who are wise among His children go the extra mile to honour God because it pleases Him. If He is pleased with you then you are blessed.