It is time to believe

Internal Rock of Ages we adore you this morning, for the privilege to see another day, thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for provisions. Thank you for being there even at this critical moment. Accept our thanks in Jesus Name. Amen!

We commit today into your able hands please don’t take away your Presence from us in Jesus Name. This morning speak to us and accept our supplications in Jesus Name. Let Your mercy speaks for us. In Jesus Name we pray.

Proverb 29:18

No good thing will God withhold to those who walk uprightly.

When we have heart to please God and when we live a life of excellence and integrity, doing our best each day, living with purpose and passion and with a desire to help others, God’s promise is that He will not withhold what you and I need to become, or what He has created us to be. God will not withhold wisdom, creativity, good breaks, the right connections, strength, joy or victory.

Many may have been through challenging times. The economic downturn may have affected people and every income. Millions more have seen their savings depleted. Many have lost one thing or the other. Relationships have been strained.

Many may feel that they don’t have all that it takes to emerge stronger, but He does. With God in our heart, we will persevere and prevail.

At this critical point, it is time to believe because tough times require strong faith. Also this moment will pass because big challenges precede bigger things

In conclusion

Let keep hope alive. NCDC may be giving there reports as part of there work, don’t let us be scared with the daily figures. On the other hand we believe the Reports of the Lord. So whatever we jointly agreed on, the Lord will grant it. Jeremiah 33:3


1. Let’s thank God for being a good Father to us. For not neglecting us despite the situation

2. Let us pray that God will strengthen our faith in Him even at this critical moment and we will not draw back

3. Let us pray that the Solutions He has designed to uproot this Corona Virus, that by His mercy He should please release it.

4. Oh Lord fight our battles and grant us victory in Jesus Name

5. Let us pray that there will be great Revival in the body of Christ and there will plenty harvest of souls

6. Please let read Jeremiah 30:3 and pray with it. God promised to deliver the captive, return them to their land and also help them to possess it.

7. Our personal prayer requests

May the Lord answer our prayers and give us testimonies in Jesus Matchless Name.

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