Incomparable God

The Incomparable God





Isaiah 40:18-26

God spoke through Prophet Isaiah to the Israelites, who have just returned from their 70-year Babylonian captivity. Famished, despondent, isolated, destitute, and dismal, the Israelites, no doubt, needed encouragement. Their houses were overgrown with weeds and the farms they left long before had either been burnt or overgrown with briers! There was hopelessness everywhere!

This second part of the book of Isaiah therefore had a language of comfort and of encouragement. Here, in our passage, the Israelites were being reassured that the God, who did wonders for their forefathers in the wilderness, was as great as ever. He is so great that all the nations put together are nothing before Him! He (God) created death to take away mankind like grass! He is the first and the last and has existed from eternity to eternity. He is the Supreme Being, the Creator of the world and all “the fullness thereof,”

The Lord is still the same today as He was then and shall for ever be. Why, like the returnees, do we look elsewhere for comfort, provision, protection and promotion? As God appealed to the returnees to return to Him for their sufficiency, He is also appealing to us today to come over to Him. No matter how sinful one may be, God is willing and ready to grant pardon if the sinner can “humble himself/herself, pray and seek God’s face and turn from his/her wicked ways” (II Chron. 7:14).

It was because God’s people, Israel, failed to meet these conditions that God yielded them over to their enemies. Though God is “slow to anger and plenteous in mercy,” He will never tolerate any form of rebellion against Him. God is no respecter of any person. If God dealt with Satan and its band of rebellious angels and he did not spare Israel, who are you, O sinner? Will you allow the all-powerful God to destroy you, too? Think about it today.

Isaiah 40:18 “To whom then will you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare unto Him?”

Our Sovereign Lord, Jehovah, use Your great power to put an end to the operations of Satan and his lieutenants all over the world and let perfect peace reign supreme forever, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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