Follow Your God’s Given Dreams! Develop Your Gifts, Talents And Polish Your Skills.

Interior Design
Image by chooyutshing via Flickr

Every youth has potentials for greatness. God always deposits special abilities in everyone. Some people can sing, others can write very well, some are good with computers, fins arts, accounting, fashion designing, catering, hospitality, science, arts, crafts, acting, trading, communications, public speaking, sports, hairdressing, make-up, interior decoration, etc.
Whatever gifts you have as a youth can be carefully developed and harnessed for greatness. Start today by taking little positive steps in the right direction. Don’t be idle. Don’t be a loafer. Don’t waste time with idle minds. Keep company with progressive people. Find a mentor who can give you good advice about your goals. Get busy! Do something now!
Perhaps your dreams have been in the cooler, for long, or they appear to have come to a standstill. Do not lose heart. Be encouraged and wait for God’s appointed time for your big break. However, you must be passionate enough about your dreams to consistently follow that burning desire to accomplish. You must have a positive focus and do all within your human ability to make things happen.