Financial dominion part 1 by Apostle Joshua Selman


▪️ Financial dominion is the ability to totally conquer lack, poverty, financial hardships and its effects which are fear, insecurity, greed, self centeredness and unrighteousness.

▪️ The word prosperity comes from the word “prosper” and it means to do well.

▪️ Prosperity means to possess a means, ability or power to meet the needs of mankind.

▪️ Great men pursue knowledge, they do not wait for knowledge to come to them.

▪️ The best way to predict your future is to create it.

▪️ 5 Areas of Prosperity.

▪️ Spiritual Prosperity : It means to be born again, filled with the holy Spirit and understanding the laws of the kingdom.

▪️ Your spiritual prosperity comes before finance.

▪️ Mental Prosperity : It means when your will, emotion and intellectual are well developed and deployed to improve the quality of your life.

▪️ Wrong mindset is lack of mental prosperity.

▪️ Mental prosperity will bring you to a point where no religious or gender barrier can stop you.

▪️ Bodily prosperity : It means to be free from sickness, disease, infirmities, yokes and operations of darkness.

▪️ Learn to eat well, take water regularly and rest .

Relational Prosperity : It means having quality relationships that gives opportunities to express love, learn ,care, improve yourself and build a lasting legacy for a generation.