Excelling In Life

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Excelling  In Life
by Pastor Afolabi

People often busy themselves with some  activity that they believe would give them an edge for excellence in various  areas of their lives. For some, it is enrolling for that extra on-the-job  course to sharpen their business acumen; for others, it’s hiring the services  of a pro trainer or coach to improve their skills in some sport. For some  others still, it is sitting for weeks, months or even years under the tutorship  of world class professors and ultimately obtaining a first class degree from  some renowned institution in well acclaimed areas of the world. And maybe for  some, recruiting the best skilled hands to execute the goals of their companies  or organizations would definitely do the “excelling” trick.

These are undeniably laudable efforts,  worthy of emulation. However, that individual who will become truly excellent  in his or her life must primarily learn and apply God‘s principles and skills  of living. Man is a created being; and must necessarily seek to know his  Creator, who having made the product, understands his full functions and  specified his operations; and thus knows what man can achieve, and how and when  best he can achieve it. The Bible is the product manual and must therefore be  the pivot and reference for whoever will maximize his potentials, and  ultimately excel at his endeavours as God’s divine product.

Excelling is not an act or performance,  which is here for a moment only to disappear into oblivion. Rather, it ought to  be a way of life. Excelling in life requires 100% usage of one’s mind; and  one’s capability and its utilization can be reviewed and improved by choice and  at will. A poet once said, “Few are born with talent that excel, but all  are capable of living well.” Rarely will an infant have an angel descend  at his birth and whisper in his ear “You are among the few born with  talent.” Often times, the infant himself grows up to recognize his  talents, and sets the ball rolling to achieve his goals, with a touch of  excellence. Not many are born into the world with the tag “WINNER”.  Thus, winning and doing so excellently is indeed a matter of choice.

So what you need to do is to always  acknowledge yourself as the best product of a painstaking manufacturer, laden  with innate abilities, great talents and limitless potentials. And these, when  put to the right and timely use, according to the principles provided in the  manufacturer’s manual – the Bible – will definitely produce excellent results.

Constantly apply yourself to training and imbibe fresh and   updated information in your field of expertise, or whatever area of endeavour   you seek to pursue. Become consistent, diligent and continually improve on your   skills and personality, always staying abreast of the facts in your field of   play. Soon enough, excelling in life will be your sweet story to tell.