Enjoy your life

Even From The Back, You Are A Beauty
Image by prayerfriends via Flickr

When your alarm clock goes off in the morning do you wish you could just stay in bed? Do your struggles and responsibilities weigh you down with frustration, boredom or hopeless? If these sentiments describe the way you feel about life, then you are not enjoying the fullness of life that Christ offers. He is not only our saviour but also our burden-bearer. God wants you to have a much better life – one that you enjoy! God will give you the ability to enjoy life, no matter what.
Here’s how you can enjoy your life
Notice God’s gifts and thank Him for them. Make it a daily practice to thank God for each new day when you wake up from bed.
Throughout the day, keep your mind on the good things in your life for which you’re grateful. Don’t forget to acknowledge basic blessings such as your ability to breathe, eat or smile.
Turn your worries into prayers. Whenever a worry enters your mind, find a promise of God that responds to it and turn it into prayer point. Know that worry can’t accomplish anything good, but faith in the LORD has great power, since nothing is impossible with God!
Be specific as you share your concern with God and trust Him to answer your prayers in the right way at the right time.
Look for fulfilment in the right place. Stop looking for true and lasting satisfaction in the wrong places, such as through your work, personal pleasure or accumulation of knowledge or material possessions. Realize that only God can provide the fulfilment you seek. Make a strong relationship with Him your top priority.
Prayer: Lord, I celebrate your goodness in my life and thank You for Your mercies! Amen!
Psalm 63:1-11.