Divine Appointments. God Can Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities.

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Paul and Silas were
praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them. Acts

Have you ever been stuck in an airport? For 24 hours? In a
city where you can’t speak the language? Four thousand miles from home?

It happened to a friend recently, and we can learn from his
response. While most of us would find such an inconvenience intolerable, my
friend John saw God’s hand in his delay. As he waited out his forced stay, he
looked for opportunities to connect with fellow passengers. He “happened” to
find some fellow Christians from India – and in talking to them he heard about
a ministry they were involved with.  In
fact, because John’s interest matched his new friends’ ministry, they invited
him to India to participate in a short – term project.

How often do we experience delays, changes of plans, and
redirections and treat them as intrusions? It could be that God is detouring us
so we can do something different or new for Him. Consider Paul’s trip to
Philippi in Acts 16. He had gone to Macedonia because of a God-directed vision
(vv.9-10). How could he know that he would end up in prison there? But even
that trip to jail was God-led, because He used Paul to bring salvation to a
jailer and his family (vv.25-34).

God can use inconveniences in our lives if we look at them
as divine appointments. – Dave Branon

“Disappointment – His appointment,”

Change one letter, then I see

That the thwarting of my purpose

Is God’s better choice for me. – Young.

God can turn obstacles into opportunities!

May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and
Israel and defend them from all their enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!