Discipline and The Child

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Discipline and the Child
By Deaconess Dolapo Layode

The word “discipline” refers to training  which is both instructive and corrective. The word of God shows us very clearly  that training is targeted towards achieving preset goals and objectives.  Proverbs 22:6 tells us “Train up a child in the way He should go”. The expected  outcome of any training exercise must be clear from the onset.

The responsibility for having a clear  understanding of the expected results of training and discipline lies primarily  with the parents. As Christian parents, it’s important to realize that it is  your responsibility to raise godly children who will grow in the ways of the  kingdom. The Word of God speaks expressly of the uniqueness and peculiarities  of the Christian. (1 Peter 2: 9)  Child  training and discipline therefore should have one primary objective; the growth  and development of a child in the way of the word of God.

The Lord Jesus speaking to us in John 15:  19 tells us “…..we are not of this world”, but we live in this world, thus we  are exposed to the influences of the world. The influences include the senses  and the wisdom of this world therefore as Christian parents, we have the  responsibility of guiding our children to look away from the society and look  unto the way of God’s Word.

Children  Must Know the Word of God

Children in their earlier years learn more  by observation and mimicking rather than from instructions given to them. As  parents, our lives and lifestyles have the primary influence on the lives of  our kids.  Our children learn more from  our actions than from our words, our lives are the first point of contact they  have with the kingdom of God.

Throughout the scriptures, we will observe  that God always instructed His people to plan their lives around the house of  God.  The same applies to us today. In  training our kids, we must show them that we hold the word of God in ultimate  regard. We should do the word of God in all things and at all times.

Our  Convictions Must be Clear

Our convictions and belief system must be  clear in the minds of our children; we must communicate these to them very  early in their lives. They must know that we are non-conformist to this world  and its ways of doing things (Romans 12:1-2). They must know that majority is  not always right and that because an idea is widely accepted does not make it  right; rather they ought to live their lives in the light of God’s Word. This  is very important as our kids begin to interact with the world in school where  they are confronted with negative talking, wrong music, and wrong books etc. As  Christian parents we should be non-apologetic about what we believe and be  dogged in raising our kids to live the Christ– life in its fullness here on  earth, applying corrective measures (punishment) to ensure that our children  are set on the path they must follow.

Training your child in the  way of our kingdom is the best gift any parent can give a child and God has  given you the ability to do this. He depends on you to raise godly kids that  will hurl back the kingdom of darkness and cause the knowledge of the glory of  God to cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.