Developing bolder and brighter kids

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Developing  Bolder and Brighter Kids
by Pastor Joy Amenkhienan

Learn how to take care of your kids from  the stage of growing up (between the ages of 3-7) to the stage of discernment.

The  Growing Up Stage

At this stage, parents should ensure that  their kids attend church services regularly. They should not leave them at home  while they are in church.

It’s also at this stage that parents ought  to start activating their plans for their kids. That’s when they should  compliment their children on whatever they do. This would give them the  boldness to do better next time. They should not be hushed up whenever they try  to say something and emphasis should not be placed on the wrong things they do  but on the good. Parents must also talk their children up. For example, they  don’t need to have passed an examination before you let them know they’re  intelligent. Parents must use faith-filled words in communicating to their  kids.

Most importantly, kids should be properly  dressed at all times. Good dressing gives them self confidence. They should be  neatly and decently dressed at all times. They should wear the best.

The next stage is between ages 8 and 14.

The  Stage Of Discernment

This is a very critical time for the  children. Parents should pay close attention to their kids because whatever  they learn at this age will not be easily forgotten. Here they begin to make  choices about what appeals to them. Here, constant communication between parents  and kids is very important in avoiding wrong influences. The parents should  guard against wrong habits in their kids.

Parents must know their children’s friends.  They have to ensure that their kids have children of like minds and from  Christian homes around them. Playtime should not just be about playing; parents  should ensure that their kids get the right kind of information during leisure.  This includes the right language, the right games, the right movies, the right  books etc.

Kids can write confessions  and place them on their walls or on their bed sides. They can also have  “talking” sessions and engage in Bible games.