Hebrew names of God

Names of GOD in the bible

WonderfulCounsellorPrince of PeaceEternal Rock of AgesKing of GloryMighty GodKing of kingsLord of lordsLord of hostsLilly of the valleyHealerDelivererProviderCreatorPotterDay StarCornerstoneProphet of prophetsSaviourI AM THAT I AMWisdom of GodHead of the churchGovernorRighteous JudgeProtectorRock of salvationShieldMerciful GodGracious...

God The Grand Architect

God The Grand Architect “Your Workmanship Is Marvelous.” (Psalm 139:14) When I tour an historic mansion and scrutinize the building's details - the quality, design, and decor - I can draw some conclusions about its builder....

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