Breaking The Jinx Of Bad Luck!

Bad Luck Blackie
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Bad-luck makes one to fail where others succeed. It makes mockery of one’s intellectual ability and potential. It casts bad omen on the victim. It never allows the true destiny of a man to manifest. It closes doors of goodness against its victims. Bad-luck is like a shadow, it follows a man everywhere he goes. It affects the way people relate with you. Bad-luck is characterized by hatred, rejection, and lack of help,disappointment, mere success syndrome, failure and misfortune.

The curse of bad-luck can be broken in your life today!

  1. You need an encounter with JESUS. That is, you need to give your life to JESUS.
  2. You need to go into fasting and praying to rebuke that curse in your life. Remember, bad-luck is not God’s portion for you.
  3. You need an anointed man of GOD especially anointed in the area of deliverance to break the curse over your life, because behind every bad-luck, there is a spirit.