Believe in prosperity

Image by dr.nixon via Flickr

You first
step to living in prosperity is to believe in prosperity. I’m greatly concerned
and feel really sorry for Christians who don’t believe in prosperity. Most
times they’re the same that condemn and criticize preachers who teach God’s
Word on prosperity, and that’s sad. Not to believe in prosperity or in the
message of prosperity is not believe in God, because when you study the Bible
carefully, you will discover that the prosperity of the Christian is God
ordained, God’s idea, and God’s greatest desire.

As a matter
of fact, if anyone must question, doubt or get sceptical about the message of
prosperity, it shouldn’t be the Christians. God’s idea is not even that the
Christian should try and become rich; for the Christian has already been made
rich. Moreover, the Christian should make the non-Christians rich by teaching
them how to prosper God’s way.

This is what
the Apostle Paul meant when he said, we make many rich (2 Corinthians 6:10). I
love the way Weymouth New Testament Translation puts it; it says “we bestow
wealth on many”. That’s our calling as Christians. There’s an anointing on us
to make people rich; to make their lives beautiful and prosperous. You’re
called to “bestow wealth on many!”

If you’re a
child of God, believe in prosperity and don’t be apologetic about it. Don’t
accept to be poor or average. You’ve been made rich (2 Corinthians 8:9);
therefore believe in prosperity and prove your faith by refusing to talk lack
and poverty. Instead, keep talking your way to financial abundance!


Thank You Heavenly Father for
ordaining me to be rich! I believe and acknowledge the grace of the Lord Jesus
Christ who though was rich, made Himself poor that I might be made rich. I
accept my prosperity as Your Will and idea for my life in Jesus Christ Name,