Be an Encourager child of God. Speak life to others. Speak love to others. Speak hope to others. Go beyond speaking and do something where necessary.


Be an Encourager child of God. Speak life to others. Speak love to others. Speak hope to others. Go beyond speaking and do something where necessary.

Text: Proverbs 15:23 (MSG) and 2 Corinthians 7:5-7


Our Lord and God You are mighty, wonderful, excellent and marvellous. You are Almighty, All Able, All Knowing, All Powerful and All Sufficient God. To You Lord be all the Glory and Honour.

The Risen King, The Defeater Of Hell And Death, The Obstacle Crusher, The Way Maker, The Miracle Worker, The Powerful Healer, is Who You are and much more.

Brethren this morning, I thought it fit to share with us briefly one of our responsibilities as children of the Most High God.

Too often church brethren complain about no one reaching out to them, while this is a valid concern, perhaps those affected should focus on reaching out to others to encourage them. Suffices to say that if you encourage others, you also will be encouraged based on the law of harvest. Surely, if we are to abide by the commandment issued by our Lord Jesus Christ in John 15:12b (that ye love one another, as I have loved you), then we will take the act of encouraging one another as mandatory.

I know we “Strong” Christians fancy ourselves as super powerful and 24 hours faith filled and activated beings who can never despair and contemplate giving up. But guess what, Elijah actually gave up at a time and had to be encouraged by God, so let us get real, an overseer, pastor or brethren could need encouragement from you.

Many brethren, might be right on the edge of giving up on critical issues in their lives such as their health, faith, marriage, vocation, children. Your encouragement in word or deed might be what makes the difference between their going on or giving up.

There Are Several Encouragers In The Bible That We Can Take A Cue From:

•        God The Father: We see God encouraging; Joshua in Joshua 1:6, Moses in Exodus 3-4 on the forthcoming engagement with Pharaoh, David in 1 Samuel 30:6 after his colossal albeit temporary loss. God is also encouraging us all through Psalm 23, He surely is the Master encourager.

•        Jesus Christ: In John 21:1-19 we see Christ forgiving, restoring and encouraging Peter after the bouts of denial and despair. Encourage that subordinate, more junior worker/minister or church member today even if they have done wrong. Don’t let your withholding encouragement drive them in the camp of satan.

•        Holy Spirit: With the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, the Church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria experienced peace, became stronger and grew in numbers. Acts 9:31.

•        Job: We see his friends in Job 4:3 remark that he instructed many and strengthened weak hands. Please can the same be said of us?

•        Barnabas: We were taught here not to forsake someone who might have made a costly mistake or had failed. In Acts 15:36-41, we see Barnabas having the back of John Mark and being a source of encouragement to him. Is there someone out there who needs the Barnabas type of support from you?

•        Titus: You can actually encourage those seniors in rank, older and more influential than you. In 2 Corinthians 7:5-7 we see Paul acknowledging Titus as an encourager. You can also be an encourager in the pattern of Aaron and Hur to Moses (Exodus 17:12-14) as you support those who are leaders over you.

There are so many other examples of encouragers, what matters is that you and I also are listed amongst these encouragers when we receive our own crowns in heaven.

But Why Do We Have To Encourage Others.

•        God expects us to do so. We were not created to be self-centred people. 2 Corinthians 1:4 admonishes us to comfort those in any trouble with the comfort that we have received ourselves.

•        To facilitate the spiritual growth of others as we see in 1 Thes 3:2. By encouraging others we are triggering the spiritual growth of one another.

•        To prevent others from quitting the faith and being steadfast. Paul and Elijah are examples of people who faced hard situations and needed to be encouraged.

•        As walking epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2) that we are meant to be, our Christ like comportment requires that we be a source of encouragement to others.

•        If you don’t encourage other brethren, you deliberately allow the Devil to deploy his favourite strategy of discouragement to get them into his camp.

What we have to do is appropriately captured in the lyrics of our song this morning. So, brethren just:

•        Speak life to others

•        Speak love to others

•        Speak hope to others

•        Go beyond speaking and do something where necessary as we see in Matthew 25:35-39.

•        Pray for the spirit of discernment for recognising those hurting or those in need of encouragement and do the 3 items above plus more.


1.       Father we thank You for the bruised body and shed blood of Christ that granted us access to eternal life. Thank You Lord Jesus for having us in mind while you endured the pain at Calvary.

2.       Father in any way that we have not being a sister/brother’s keeper and encourager, please have mercy and forgive us in Jesus name.

3.       Father in accordance with Your Word in Matthew 5:14-16, let us remain the light of the world and please let our light so shine before men that they will be greatly encouraged by us in Jesus name.

4.       Father please uproot the spirit of me, mine and I from us so that we care for the well-being of others in Jesus name.

5.       Father use us a vessel to share the good news to those that are drowning and are hell bound in Jesus name.

6.       We pray that our words would always be beneficial to those hear it and help in encouraging others in Jesus name.

7.       Father as we seek to encourage others better, please encourage us and send encouragers our way in Jesus name.

8.       Personal requests.