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Nurses Should Be Proud of Their Practice and Profession


I remember when I was a new nurse graduate, every day I went to work and the entire car ride I would pray “just don’t kill anyone.” 

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Need & Want



I have many times in vain tried to teach my children the difference between needs and wants.  Most often these lessons have come in the form of physical items such as toys, presents, clothes or sometimes even dessert.

It has always been a relatively easy differentiation for me to see from the object related needs vs wants and how I or my children really do not need anything but that we want it.

As I have explored lately some of my deepest emotional needs that I have carried throughout my life, many brought on from childhood events and experiences and at time the intense feelings of rejection and loneliness and the emotional need this has created within me.

I need to feel wanted, loved, and accepted.    I need a hug, time and attention when I am down discouraged or feeling those intense feelings of solitude or loneliness that seem…

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Arlene In Leadership Bother After Scoring A Fine Point During Kickabout With Michelle

Tyrone Tribulations

Leaked BBC footage of the Foster/O’Neill kickabout at a girls’ soccer training session in Cookstown last week has earned her a spot of bother after it showed her soloing the ball before knocking it over the bar and announcing ‘take your points and the goals will come, eh O’Neill?’.

DUP members are said to be livid after an insider leaked the full footage which wasn’t shown on their news bulletins. The video also picked up Foster commenting that ‘Ricey could be doing with me the year’, an obvious reference to her beloved Fermanagh GAA manager Ryan Ricey McMenamin.

An anonymous moustached DUP member from Belfast fumed:

“Listen I’ve done some silly things in my time but even taking off all your clothes and cavorting in a field isn’t on the same scandalous level of thinking you’re the next Peter Canavan and you the DUP leader. Although she took her point…

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The writer of Proverbs tells us that “God hates the proud look” and that
“There is more hope for a fool than a man who is wise in his own conceit.”

Think about it, “Do you want God to look at you and see something He hates.” No! Well, He hates a proud look. A proud look is the facial expression that proceeds from a proud heart.

Think about it, “Do you want God to look at your life and see something that will cause Him to resist you?” No! Well, the Word of God says, God resist the proud!

The problem with PRIDE is its middle letter. It is the self-centered life. It is the “Big Me” and “Little You” type of thinking. So in this message I want to make you hate the thing that God hates. The way I am going to attempt to do that…

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They Came To Sing..



I sat there amidst the many.

Overwhelmed, my mind raced. It was like a thousand hearts had found their way to mine in the blink of an eye. What could one ever do to prepare for this?

Many had walked for hours just to see us. What brought them there? ..to find hope? What brought me there? ..to offer hope?

Behind each face was a story. “What was theirs?” I pondered.

With no translator, it was just me. Sitting there on the grass under a hot sun, I was surrounded by children. I mean, literally surrounded by children. So much so that my glasses began to fog up as sweat began to pour down my face.

With bracelets on their wrists, they began their wait. It was day one of our medical clinic near the Burundi border in Southern Rwanda.

Everything happened so quickly. One moment I was standing there…

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Are you ready to be transformed into that brand new creature in 2014?  Of course you are!  You have thought about it, you have prayed about it and meditated deeply on it, and you know in your heart of hearts this is truly your season to take the proper action to make all your dreams become a reality.  Now I simply encourage you to read study and think deeply on what I have to teach you in these very important lessons in 2014 and allow the Holy Spirit to ignite the fire that is smoothing inside of you.  God wants to take you to that high place that He has prepared for all of you who love and truly believe in Him.

Know that He blessed each one of us with our own individual body and mind.  He…

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