Are You A Doer? Or A Hearer Of The Word Of The Lord?


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Are You A Doer? Or A Hearer Of The Word Of The Lord?














2 Kings 23:3-4

“Then the king stood by a pillar and made a covenant before the LORD, to follow the LORD and to keep His commandments and His testimonies and His statutes, with all his heart and all his soul, to perform the words of this covenant that were written in this book. And all the people took a stand for the covenant. And the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest, the priests of the second order, and the doorkeepers, to bring out of the temple of the LORD all the articles that were made for Baal, for Asherah, and for all the host of heaven; and he burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of Kidron, and carried their ashes to Bethel.”

I’ve met many Christians who know the Bible inside and out. They can quote scripture after scripture, word for word with verse references and even comment on the meaning. I’ve met fewer who actually do The Word Of GOD. This astounds me. What if a 16 year old kid memorizes the driver’s exam study book and aces the exam, but then goes out and runs every red light he comes across? He’s going to get hurt and will probably hurt someone else in the process. The same is true with the Word of God. Think of some Christians on street corners with sandwich boards and megaphones hardening the hearts of everyone around them. They have the ‘head knowledge’ but they have not made the ‘heart application’.

To the other extreme are Christians who use church as a social club. They nod their heads and ‘Amen‘ the pastor, but their day to day life speaks nothing of following Jesus Christ. Solid biblical teaching assigns the hearer the responsibility to act on what they learn. So, where do you fall in this? Are you a Doer or just a Hearer of The Word Of God?








Life Lesson: We need to be acting on the Word of God.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for loving me. Please forgive me for times when I have failed to live by Your Word. I thank You for giving me Your Word. Help me to make doing what You tell me the priority in my life. Help me to love You and to love others. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen!







May the LORD bless Nigeria, American and Israel and take care of us; May the LORD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!