All for Jesus. What have you forsake for Christ? The wisest decision to make is to follow Jesus Christ.


“But one thing is needful; And Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42).

Good morning and happy Saturday beloved. Peter’s choice to follow Jesus, leaving behind a most desired breakthrough at the sea shore, surely portrays him as a fool to many but that was the wisest thing to do. In Luke 5:1-11, after taking delivery of the fishes to the sea shore, he did not even take a single fish but forsook all- the miracle, his business, his business partners, tools, expertise, etc. All for Jesus.

Do you know everything he forsook became a seed 100 fold returns on earth, apart from the heavenly rewards? (Matthew 19:27-29). What have you forsaken for the Lord? Have you ever inconvenienced yourself for the expansion of God’s kingdom? Can you give your family, job, certificates for the Master?

“But one thing is needful: And Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10: 42). Opportunities to make a choice come our way once in a while. What is your choice between superficial or deep-rooted relationship with God? Between convenience or sacrificial service? Between head or heart knowledge of God? What you choose is important.

Mary and Martha were visited by the Lord. Although they both cared for Him, Jesus was busy teaching some deep truths during one of such visits when Martha suddenly remembered she had to entertain her guest. On the other hand Mary was too engrossed with the Word. She felt every thing can wait. And Jesus approved of her action.

Today, most preachers and believers are like Martha. They are so engrossed with activities for the Master that they cannot find time to be personally in His presence. They’re jumping from one preaching engagement to the other, doing services for Jesus, yet cannot make out time to study at His feet, review their operations and receive instructions from Him.

My prayer, to be at His feet is a choice. To be so busy for Jesus that you throw Him out of your plan is another choice. If you are in the Spirit, you will know it is not every invitation you should honour. Church or ministerial activities can never replace a thriving relationship with Christ. Ministers are heading to hell or in hell because they sought activities, not relationship with Christ.

What choices are you making today? Loving having intimate fellowship with Christ like Mary or busy engaged in activities like Martha and starving your relationship with the Master?


Stay blessed, Saved, safe and RAPTURABLE in Jesus Christ Name, Amen.