A winning mindset; be ready to start small

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You need to have a mind-set of
winners if you want to rise above failure and limitations in life. Stop making
excuses and blaming everyone for your problems. No doubt, your present
challenges might be traceable to negative circumstances surrounding your life.
Nevertheless, that should not in any way deter you from achieving success or
financial prosperity. There are probably a dozen reasons why you should settle
for mediocrity and failure. Such excuses could include; I am an orphan. My parents
are very poor. The government has no social welfare for indigent youths. I
don’t have a university degree. I come from a broken home. I am a teenage
mother. I am too young; I come from a minority group. I am a college dropout.
My mother is a prostitute. My father is the devil incarnate etc. Well, I do
empathize with you. However, you must realize that those unfortunate
circumstances are not enough to keep you down. You can rise above adversity and
forge ahead in life. Consider the following scenarios and real-life

favourite movie star Genevieve Nnaji does not have a university degree yet, but
she is making waves and earning fat. She recently signed a mega modelling
contract worth $75,000. Dr Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis group fame had a rough
childhood with extreme deprivation. Today, his business empire transcends the
shores of Africa. Agbani Darego was an obscure young lady before she clinched
the highly coveted Miss World Crown as the first black African; and she was
just a teenager. General Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) and General Buba Marwa both
lost parents early in life and had to grow up with foster parents. That did not
stand in the way of their reaching the heights of their military career. Jay
Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo and a host of other football stars had very humble
backgrounds but today they are highly celebrated football stars. The list is
endless and a pointer to the fact that whatever the odds against you, you can
put those limitations under your feet and become an achiever!


You might have dreams of soaring
beyond the skies; but seeing those dreams come to fruition will not come by a
magic wand. You must be ready to start small. Take legitimate opportunities as
they come your way. In fact, take the bold step and go in search of the
opportunities. Don’t wait for that super job in a blue chip company or in a
multinational firm before you get busy. Blessings do not drop from the skies so
stop wasting time. If you need to go to school part-time so as to be able to
work and earn an income, go ahead and do so. Even if the salary is paltry, stay
there and gain some experience. Be faithful, disciplined, diligent and
persistent; and blessings will locate you. Nobody ever said that success comes
easy. There are sacrifices to be made, but you must remain focused. It might
take a while, but by the grace of God, things will gradually start looking up
for you.