A fighting spirit


Jehovah our Heavenly Father thank You Lord for your Mighty hand upon our lives. To you be all the glory in Jesus Name. Have Your way in our lives and let us all receive Your mercy in Jesus Name.


TEXT : 1 Samuel 17 : 32
Then David said to Saul, “Let no man’s heart fail because of him; your servant will go and fight with this Phillistine.”  

The battles of life need not intimidate you. All the way through history God’s people have faced obstacles and challenges. In Exodus we see Israel as a liberated people. In Leviticus we see Israel as a holy people. In Numbers we see Israel as a fighting force.

Here in our text David came with a spirit of a fighter. With that spirit you can run and fulfill destiny.

There are 2 important things to know about life:

1)     Life is a battleground. Its not a playground or a funfair. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers…..Ephe6:12. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, for we walk in the flesh and do not war according to the flesh… 2 Cor 10:3.

2)     It takes a fighting spirit to make the most of life. Until there is a fighting spirit one can’t experience speed in life. 2 Tim 4:6.

Examples of those who fought in the Bible :

1)     David- He fought 66 Battles and lost no one. He was a worshipper, Singer, Prophet, Leader, People developer and Encourager. A man of valour, aggressive, ferocious fighter brutal. Psalm 60:12, 89:19, 18:31-34.

2)     Elijah was a persistent fighter. 1 Kings 17:1. He confronted King Ahab about his wickedness, prayed that there would be no rain for 31/2years, engaged prophets of Baal and displayed the Almightiness of God and executed them after. That was a fight. 1 Kings 18:22. You make the most of life and experience speed in life by not being a coward. Don’t be a coward, fight for what belongs to you.

3)     Paul the Apostle was a fighter, a warrior and a soldier 2Timothy4:7, 2:2.

We are warriors in this world, if you want to succeed, be hardened. Soldiers don’t shed tears in battles/war. No wonder Paul the Apostle weighs more than all the other Apostles put together. Wrote most Epistles in the Bible. He ran by the spirit of a soldier. I pray and come against every spirit of cowardness, crying, fear, I banish them in our lives in Jesus Name.

Know that before an aircraft takes off from the ground, it takes fighting. It must overcome friction of the ground and then it takes off.

The Eagle is also a fighter bird. There is nothing eagle cannot confront. Picks up it’s prey and dismantle it.

I decree every situation confronting us, our family members, our business, career, health God almighty will dismantle them today and forever in Jesus Name.

Brethren say No to any issue confronting you. Be bold and say enough is enough to this situation. I pray that as from today God will empower you to fight against every situation troubling our lives in Jesus Name.

TO BE CONTINUED by the grace of Almighty God. Amen.

Appreciate the Almighty God for hitherto He has helped us in our journey of life.

Ask Him to show you mercy, your family and everything you lay your hands on.

Father give me a fighting spirit to obtain what belongs to me in Jesus Name.

I come against every spirit that pushes me backward, discouragement, fear in Jesus Name.

Today the power of God will fight all my battles and give me victories in all areas of my life.

I decree Lord that You will  give us victory and joy over our enemies in Jesus Name. We claim victory over battles. Thank You Father for in Jesus Name we pray.

Please do have a blessed week in Jesus Name, Amen!

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