Communication Deepens Our Fellowship With God

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Every relationship without communication suffers; be it relationship with your children, your spouse, your co-workers, or with God. Communication – good and frequent communication – helps or enhances relationships. If you have a relationship with someone you don’t talk with, that relationship will suffer setbacks. No matter how proximate you may be to the person, without continually exchanging thoughts by talking to each other, your relationship won’t grow.

This is the reason we’re to constantly fellowship with the Lord through prayer. 2 Corinthians 13:14 says “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.” This is an indication of the kind of relationship we’re to cultivate with the Holy Spirit; a communion; a sharing together. The Father and the Son are in heaven, but the Holy Spirit is here with us. Hence, He’s the God we know and relate with in the earth today, and He lives in us, fostering this extraordinary communion with divinity.

There’s no other way to develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, aside from communing with Him constantly in prayer, and through meditation on the Word. Consciously create time to talk to and with the Lord the same way you’ll perhaps schedule to talk to a friend, colleague or loved one.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is a person with emotions, will and intellect; therefore relate to Him as such. The highest means of communication with Him is by speaking in tongues; and as you do, He’ll make the presence of God real to you and the miraculous your constant experience.


Dear Holy Spirit, thank You for Your abiding presence that brings glory and beauty to my life. I’m constantly energized from within because You strengthen me with might in my inner man, even as I fellowship with You today. Thank You for Your glorious ministry in my life, in Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen!