Whoever Receiveth The Crucified One.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

Whoever Receiveth The Crucified One.
Whoever Believeth On God’s
Only Son,
A Free And A Perfect Salvation
Shall Have;
I For He Is Abundantly Able To

My Brother, The Master Is Calling
For Thee”
His Grace And His Mercy Are
Wondrously Free!
his Blood As A Ransom For
Sinners He Gave,
And He Is Abundantly Able To

Whoever Receiveth The Message
Of God,
And Trusts In The Power Of The
Soul Cleansing Blood,
A Full And Eternal Redemption
Shall Have.
For He Is Both Able And Willing To

whoever Repents And Forsakes
Every Sin,
And Opens His Heart For The Lord
To Come In,
A Present And Perfect Salvation
Shall Have:
For Jesus Is Ready This Moment
To Save.

Thank You Jesus!

[If You Were Blessed By This Devotional, Please Tell Me All About It. Please Leave A Comment Or Two In The Box Below! God Bless…

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