The Voice That Sound In Desert.

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla

The Voice That Sound In Desert.
Its The Voice Of Watchman
Hark As The Voice Now Calling
Calling For Repentance
The Voice As It Was Sounding
Art Thou Not Now Concerned
And Why, O Brothers, Sisters
Do You Feel Unconcerned.

The Kingdom Is Now At Hand
The Kingdom Of Our Lord
And Those That Wash Their
Shall Sit On Royal Throne,
Why Do You Feel Unconcerned?
To The Voice Of Watchman?
Which Sound New To Thee Clearly
Seeking For Repentance.

The Abner And Pharpar Stream
They May Be Clean Water
But The Command Of Cleans Is In River Jordan
Throw All Thy Thoughts To One Side
And Do The Will Of God
Now Descend Into This Stream
And Wash And Be Thou Clean.

What’s Now Keeping You Waiting?
What Can Be Your Excuse?
Behold The Stream And Thy John
All Things Are Now Ready
You Have Argued For Long…

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